Does the OP "own" the thread?

Sometimes a thread goes in a direction not originally set by the OP.
Is this a no no? Will a thread always be closed at the demand of the OP, even if it’s of considerable interest to the other posters, and the replies are within the confines of that forum?

Here’s two threads that remained open despite the OP’s request that they be locked:

I see. I don’t often get into that forum. :eek:

Kel Varnsen’s thread about the homeless woman was the first thread I had ever seen where a moderator refused a request by the OP to close a thread. I wondered what could possibly be the reason, but when I read the mod’s response, it made perfect sense.

(Impression, not authoritative response, as always):

The moderators make their decisions based on the good of the message board. In general, the OP making a request regarding the direction of the thread is attempting to avert a hijack or flamefest, and the mods. will generally cooperate in trying to keep the thread “centered” on the OP’s intent, allowing for the inevitable “thread drift.”

Occasionally, an OP will make so slanted or distorted-reality an OP that a hijack is actually a rescue attempt – trying to get at an interesting topic which takes off from the bizarre OP.

And, of course, if the OP has been adequately answered, but thread drift or a hijack has begun a useful and interesting discussion, the Mods. will decline to close it due to the value of the discussion that has resulted.

When a thread has been well answered, and continuing discussion is either merely the trading of witticisms or argumentation in a forum that does not allow for that, the Mods. will be quick to close a thread, with or without OP request.

Man, as long as you guys are around, answering questions is easy.

What they said.

We will consider a request for closure, but the reasons why do matter; it’s not automatic by any means. This is especially true if there is a greater lesson to be learned, such as, for example, that you are judged by what you say.

your humble TubaDiva

Yes, they own their OP, and may sell it on eBay to the highest bidder.

Thanks. My question has been ably answered, especially by The Humble One. :slight_smile:

Exactly why I’ve disowned all of the threads I’ve ever started.

Darn. I was hoping this was about OP’s owning the thread so they could do things like tell someone “You there, Jerkface, get outta my thread. You are banished from this discussion!”

And then you could hit the red button that opens the trap door in the floor.

Now wouldn’t that be cool. Like those who wish they could edit their replies after posting. :wink:

Why stop there? :confused: Why not let the OP edit any reply so it suits his desired intent?
:rolleyes: [sup]and throw caution completely to the wind.[/sup]

There ya go!

collects up all his OPs in a spotted handkerchief and marches off with them,leaving a whole load of gaping headless threads

He was also denied closure on the “girlfriend/cousin” thread, which subsequently went off in strange and amusing new directions. I think that’s another good resaon for those who start threads not being able to dictate the content: they may go off in directions other than those you might have envisaged, but those tangents are often worthwhile in themselves. Provided it’s not an egregious hijack and the forum allows for it, it’s fun and instuctive seeing where things go sometimes.

Great, now I have this image of a row of headless threads, sitting there looking pitifull. They look amazingly like decapitated scarecrows.