Does the Original Painting of "Dogs Playing Poker" still exist?

Sure. It is symbolic of low brow culture. But the painting has been reproduced so much that you’d think the original had to be valuable. IF IT STILL EXISTS!

Any idea if it does and if so, where does it hang? Who painted it?

There is no one single painting of dogs playing poker. C.M. Coolidge painted a number of them, and in fact, two were recently sold at auction for a combined total of a little bit under $600,000. (The two were a set, A Bold Bluff and Waterloo, depicting a St. Bernard’s wager and win.) The paintings were commissioned by a company called Brown and Bigelow around 1903.

Here’s a story about the auction and here’s a gallery of Coolidge’s dogs paintings (they ain’t just playing poker). A Friend In Need is probably the most famous and often parodied (I think Mad just did a cover with Alfred in place of one of the dogs).