Does the President's extended family get secret service protection?

I just watched an episode of West Wing where the President is lecturing his college age daughter on the need for secret service protection. He told her the scenario of daughter getting kidnapped and held with a gun to her head while he as President is given 72 hours to comply with a demand to convince Israel to free some terrorists.

Is any protection given to a President’s parents (if he is young enough for them to be alive) or brothers and sisters?

While not as strong as the feelings for a child, a terrorist with a gun to their parent or sibling’s head would still put the President in a difficult emotional spot between following policy and using his power to save a family member.

According to the Secret Service

“Immediate family” would seem to cover parents and siblings.

I can see that becoming rather more complicated if in future the Secret Service needs to protect past and current concubines.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say George W. Bush’s folks get pretty good protection.

Turn out she gets kidnapped, just like he says. HUGE West Wing fan.

Yes, but they’re entitled to it anyway due to the old fellow’s gig from 1989-93.

The parents and siblings of the President are entitled to Secret Service protection but may decline it. ISTR that both Jimmy Carter’s mother Lillian and his brother Billy declined it, as did Roger Clinton.

Only for 10 years after leaving office. His gig ended 18 years ago.

No, the 10 year restriction was passed during Clinton’s term, and only applied to Presidents after Clinton (hah). Bill & Hill, George & Bar, Nancy, Jimmy & Rosalynn, & Betty get it for life.

True. A SD Staff Report that touches on that point:

I’ll bet if there was a credible threat to the safety of a non-immediate Presidential relative, the Secret Service would be involved in the investigation. Obviously, there would need to be a Presidential link to the threat for this to kick in.

At least according to the U.S. Code, generally not: More likely, local law enforcement would be asked to get involved if the non-immediate Presidential relative was thought to be in danger, or the FBI, if it was an interstate crime.

Good thing only Clinton needs that coverage now. :wink:

Nixon gave up his secret service protection and hired private guards.

Imagine Obama’s beloved grandmother living to present day and a plot to kidnap, extort, release the prisoners and so forth as explained in the OP is uncovered. Obviously, SS is involved, don’t you think?

Involved, perhaps. Guarding her, probably not, at least not in compliance with the U.S. Code.