Does the product name "Jig-a-loo" offend anyone?

Without searching to see how the name originated (or it’s country of origin,) tell me if the product name offends you. Later I’ll let you know which of my friends are/are not offended and why/why not (if you’re interested!) It’s an invisible silicone-based lubricant, fyi.

Am I offended? No.

Is it a name others would understandably be offended by? Yes.

It sounds like a toilet cleaning device, something like a toilet snake.

It sounds quite similar to a term once used for African-Americans here in the Old South.
Hmmmm… let me remove my rose-colored spectacles and amend that to include that some benighted individuals still use such terms.

Sigh. I just checked and, yes, it is still the 21st century.

However, it also sounds like a great name for a fishing lure.
So there!

Seems extremely ill-advised.

It doesn’t mean anything to me, although it sounds rather lame.

Wasn’t there a “Denny’s” type restaurant named “Sambo’s” which either went out of business or changed its name because of the racial prejudice the name invoked?

Same goes for this product.

Hell yeah, it’s offensive.


No, it’s not offensive, but many people will misread it and assume it means the same as jigaboo.

There’s one left.

Our window installer steered us toward Jig-a-loo to keep them from sticking, and we had the same thoughts.

Works great, though.

It should be the name of a manual toilet. You must jiggle the entire bowl to get the stuff to go out.

Doesn’t offend me personally, but given that some people will be offended by absolutely anything (just look at the hubbub over the “Skinny” Diet Pepsi can in the news this week) I’m amazed an actual product is called that.

I had the mental image of having to jiggle the loo (toilet) handle to get the loo to flush.

So no, don’t want the product in my home.

an seanchai

Sambo was an India type Indian.

He also outsmarted 3 hungry tigers.

Not sure what about that is offensive . . .

Yeah, that’s pretty much what went though my head.

Well, I never!

Jig-a-loo doesn’t offend me. In fact I could probably land some big bass with it. But yeah, I can see the potential for it being a bit of an issue.

Yeah, I know, and you’re right: why should it be offensive?

It shouldn’t be, given your description.

But somewhere in time somebody decided to associate that name with a hatred for black people.

It pissed enough people off and they made an issue of it.

End of story.


We’re SDMB!!

It is a challenge from the ignorant masses to right this wrong!

Cecil would be proud!!

You’re paraphrasing my comments, aren’t you?

Please don’t do that. There was much more in what I wrote than what you decided was at issue.

My thoughts were as complete as I could manage. Were yours?

If I mistook this for sarcasm, tell me.



Little Black Sambo was a dark Indian child, not African. It was written by a Scottish author who wrote children’s books based in southern India deemed racist in the American South because they are a slur on black Africans. If that is not a major league intellectual fuck up, I don’t what is. Tigers don’t live in Africa for god sakes.