Does the south have any redeeming qualities?

It seems to me that the American South doesn’t have any redeeming qualities besides good food.

Are there any other good things about it?

I’m in California so it’s as far from me as possible.

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I don’t feel like getting into this discussion. Just popped in to say that you really can’t generalize about a whole region like that. Many people in the southern states wonder if there are any redeeming qualities to New York City and the East Coast in general.

Human nature is the same everywhere and has been the same throughout history. There really are good people and bad people everywhere in the USA, in the world, and likely on other planets when we finally make contact with them.

Carry on.

Hear, hear - it’s not here in the mid-Atlantic, either.


Lots of legendary musicians in the Blues and Rock genres hail from Texas. Lots of Delta Blues legends. Other than that and biscuits and gravy, I don’t know.

For one, NYC and the East Coast don’t celebrate racism as part of their “culture”.

I don’t think the food is that good either. North Caroline barbecue is awful, and everything else is either fried or boiled to death.

Warm winters.

Hot, humid summers.

Seconded. Remarkable how mainstream bigotry has become.

Probably not appropriate for this forum.

By any definition, we get to include Louisiana food and by most definitions, we get Texas as well. I’ll put those two up against most cuisines and come out ahead in quite a few cases. While I agree about NC BBQ, personally (and am actually a bigger fan of KC style than most of what can be found here), there are an infinite number of varieties of BBQ in the south, some quite exceptional.

Other redeeming qualities:

  • Some good music
  • Far fewer majority-white cities than most of the country.
  • Weather
  • A good 30-50% of the population are lovely people, which is in line with much of the country.
  • Better churches, if that’s your thing
  • Our racists are typically easier to identity than your racists, outside of a Trump rally
  • Trees. Lots more trees than I ever imagined in a city before moving here
  • Too many others to even list…

You might want to remember that 20% of the population of the South is African-American. I’m not saying that they’re all wonderful, but none of them are white Republicans.

How are their state colleges thought of by corporate recruiters?
Is an engineering or business degree from LSU, Ole Miss, or the University of Alabama the equivalent to the same degree from say the Big Ten schools?

I agree that Texas BBQ is better than the NC variant. Pretty much everything is.

Calabash style seafood is a crime against humanity.

The South is the home of many, if not most, of the most prominent Civil Rights leaders. And many abolitionists, Underground Railroad conductors, etc.

The institutions of the South, especially before the CR movement, are largely moral abominations. But the people are just like any others - heroes, villains, but mostly regular folks just trying to get by.

Zydeco music, too. It’s not my #1, but it’s cool and should be mentioned.

Sure, and I think that fried gizzards are gross. I can find gross shit in any cuisine, but that doesn’t mean the cuisine is bad. I absolutely love Thai food, but I won’t enter the same room when Mok Huak is served.

The south has undeniably delicious food by just about any standards. It also has some things that you probably shouldn’t consider eating, which puts it in the same category as Mexican, Italian, French, Japanese, Thai, and just about any other food you can think of.

I forgot one of our most redeeming qualities. Stacey Abrams, baby!

Oh, for fuck’s sake, this again.

Yes, the south is irredeemibly corrupt, ignorant, racist, and disgusting. That’s why it produced such monsters as Martin Luther King, Jr., George Washington Carver, Jimmy Carter, Sam Nunn. That’s why Atlanta elected a black mayor two decades before Chicago, or New York. That’s why Georgia and North Carolina had public universities before Massachusetts or Ohio or California.

Artistically, it’s, in Menken’s famous phrase, the “Sahara of the Bozarts”, contributing nothing to American literature or arts. Other than William Faulkner, Eudora Weltry, Harper Lee, Reynolds Price, Flannery O’Connor, James Agee, Ralph Ellison, Alice Walker, Thomas Wolfe, Zora Neale Hurston, Walker Percy, that is. No significant musical contribution, either, other than jazz, blues, bluegrass, and country music.

Jesus. Yes, the south has a lot wrong with it; yes, our history is irredeemibly tainted by slavery (although it does seem that no one remembers how much of coastal New England’s early economy was tied to slaving, or how many of the slave ships sailed out of ports like New Bedford or Marblehead or Boston); yes, there are an abundance of hateful, stupid people here. We know this. But this sort of root-and-branch denunciation of an entire region of people is just stupid, and only makes it harder for progressive southerners to try to fight for sanity and enlightenment here.

Normally, I’d make some joke about North Carolina barbecue, which is in my opinion, the finest barbecue in the country. But this isn’t a jokey-ha-ha thread; this is just some ignorant bigotry on display. Which, in a thread about the south, is pretty damned ironic.

Dangit, I came in to post in favor of the food!

** stops to think **

A lot of nice people are born there. (They mainly leave, though).

Parts of it are pretty scenery.

Music. Bluegrass, appalachian folk, the blues, jazz, southern rock.