Does the "TIME MACHINE" Still Exist? Where is It?

I just saw the oldmovie from the 1960’s (H.G. Weels 'THE TIME MACHINE"). It was a pretty good flick, and I always wonderd what happened to the machine itself-is it still moldering away among the old dusty props in some Hollywood prop warehouse? Somebody told me that it was an old barber chair, gussied up with velevt upholstery. That control panel looked rather neat too-brass dials and victorian-style numbers. The falshing lights added to the ambience. Just a question: when Rod Taylor goes into his laboratory to try out the machine, he pasuses and decides to gring or polish the control stick-he lights a lamp, and starts up his lathe-what kind of lathe would a Victorian-age inventor have? Surely if he had electricity , he would have had electric lights as well?
I was alwys ascinated by the set and costumes-did Victorian genetlemen alwys wear smoking jackets after dinner?

Is THIS the version you’re talking about.

The image is a toy model.

The time machine is owned by Bob Burns, a long time movie prop collector (although I think Forrest J Ackerman’s collection is more extensive).

I’m not sure if it was THE Time Machine, but in “Gremlins”, when Rand Peltzer is calling home from the invention convention, you can see it disapearing in the distance.


Bob Burns, collector extraordinaire, owns it.