Does the US give too much financial aid to Israel?

What is your viewpoint? Do you think that the US should give less money to Israel? More?

My personal thought, in the wake of the whole conflict between Israel and Palestine, as well as the UN vote that occurred last week, is that the United States is at odds with much of the international community in its unwaivering support of Israel at the expense of the Palestinians every single time. And that it may be better if we did not take sides, because in doing so, we are directly harming the Palestinians.

I would prefer the USA to try to be an honest broker between Israel and Palestine. That isn’t happening. Israel and the USA are just way too deep in bed with each other.

I think the US provides too much financial aid to Israel. If Israel had to seek more aid from countries other than the US, it would make Israel more sensitive to the world’s interests. I also think that our financial support alienates the US from much of the world. OTOH, a lot of US aid to Israel comes in the form of US arms; i.e., the US govt supports domestic military manufacturers. So someone will be whining that they’re missing out.

I don’t understand why we are giving aid to a first world country. Israel can more than afford to defend itself.

It is not the money that bothers me, it is the unqualified, Israel-Can-Do-No-Wrong attitude/policy that annoys me.

I sometimes feel like Israel is the thankless, brat child who takes and takes, but never listens. It seems like our diplomats are always having to beg, yell, scream and threaten them to stop from throwing a tantrum and starting WWIII…and usually we wind up throwing them some more money to just get them to calm down and take their nap.

Godforbid anyone say a single word against Israel or admit that maybe Israel has us wrapped around their little finger. Would it kill them to say thanks every once in awhile? Do we always have to bend over backwards and dangle a few billion dollars and unlimited weapons to get them to do a damned thing we ask, or at least not go postal and start the next world war?!

I say no it doesn’t, but I don’t vote in public polls.

I hear this a lot…but I have never, EVER, heard anyone say, “Israel can do no wrong.” Never. Everybody pretty much agrees that Israel commits no few sins. Many of us hold that they commit fewer sins than their neighbors, but nobody holds them to be blameless or totally innocent of any wrongs.

(Now, I just know someone is going to write, “Israel can do no wrong.”)

Actually I do know people who act as if they believe Israel can do no wrong. They’ll grudgingly admit a problem, then provide the list of things their enemies did wrong leaving Israel with no choice. They’ll also hold the Palestinians/Arabs/Moslems can do no right view. And there are plenty of Israel can do no right, and the United States can do no right types also.

I won’t rehash all the reasons why, but the aid to Israel is needed for both of our interests and can’t dissected to the sufficient degree to determine if should be more or less. It’s around the right amount for the time being because it’s been serving our needs.

I don’t see a poll choice for “giving no aid to any Middle Eastern nation/entity”, including Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, the Palestinians etc.

Of course, that reduces any putative influence on the policies of any faction, but at least would be consistent.