Does the value of a sex-worker's virginity increase or decrease with age?

In the world of prostitution does the price of virginity increase or decrease with age? Someone apparently once said that “unlike fine Kentucky bourbon the hymen does not improve with age” but that could well have been someone like Ambrose Bierce who had never heard of modern day wrinkle treatment innovations. Nowadays, ex-nuns (for instance) have access to a large range of anti-aging cosmetics that could well enhance their value as sex-workers.

If Brooke Shields (for instance) was still a virgin what would she be worth to an Indonesian prince with a penchant for “that sort of thing” (as they do)? Would her price have been higher as a teenager or would it have increased and if so for what reason?

How in the name of all that’s holy do you come up with these things, G. Nome? More importantly, what kind of an answer could one possibly give to such a hypothetical? Even supposing someone had the inside info on the vagaries of the sex-slave market, who the hell would admit it in public?

More importantly still, WHY is G.Nome asking this? And should civilisation be concerned?

You’re not fair. No one said “What things have you dropped down the toilet?” was a weird question. But it was. This question has social value. It’s of interest to nuns and “differently lifestyled” women everywhere.

But probably not to anyone else.

It’s a simple enough question. It seems to be a sensitive one though. I’ll rephrase it simply. How much would you pay to sleep with a 16 year old virgin and how much for a 36 year old virgin? I regret bringing appearance into this but you can assume, for the purposes of this discussion, that both women are good looking.

“Social value”? Talking about ex-nuns looking at prostitution as a viable employment opportunity, if only they can get over the age thing? GAH!

And still, this remains unanswered …

What about MALE virginity. Would the women and gay guys prefer a 13 year old or a 43 year old?

*When you was seventeen, you was a natural queen…but you kept on sittin’ on it, all the time…

When you was thirty-two, you still knew what to do…but you kept on sittin’ on it, all the time…

Now you’re sixty-three, you’re too old for me…so keep on sittin’ on it, all the time!*

– Old rhythm and blues tune

I would think it would be sort of an inverted bell curve- pubsecent virginity at a premium, followed by a drop off- 24 year old virginity- must be something wrong with her. Followed by a slow but steady increase as the novelty value kicks in.
but I would think ex-nun status would increase the value regradless of age.
What?! I’ve seen much weirder questions around here nobody batted an eye at.

I had a girlfriend who’s hymen was still intact after having two kids, at which point the doctor had to cut it. She would have been worth a mint.

Oh ooh, how did that happen? not the cutting…the having two kids without breaking it?

I think it would have mostly to do with looks rather than age. A teenager who has retained her virginity is a prized possesion for many men becuase she is nubile and (somewhat) unattainable or taboo. A mid 30’s woman who is still attractive and has kept her virginity would be prized if she kept it for a good, valid reason (i.e nun, religious reasons, bad relationship, etc.). I don’t think a scrubby, pimply, stick figure teenager would fetch a high price for her virginity. Nor would a badly aged 30-something who hasn’t lost it due to lack of relationships and bad looks.

And if we turned the table to men, I would MUCH prefer a older man who hasn’t lost his virginity, rather than a randy teenager. I mean, do you know how fun it is to teach a male virgin all about sex? Plus, a lot of men who are virgins until a late age are extremely shy. I would love to see the shocked face on him, turn to enlightenment.

Even in the 21st Century the demand for sex still seems to be in excess of supply. Straight Dope threads pertaining to this are so numerous - “Longterm Enforced Chastity” and “So I was not having any sex at all” being just two around at the moment. So you might well question why virginity in the over 30s would exist at all even among the also rans.

There’s a question I’ve always wanted to ask but I never have out of fear that the answer is obvious and I’ll be made to look stupid. But here goes: Men insist they prefer attractive women over plain women. A lot of men are single and wealthy and looking for partners. But the internet is full of pornography in which beautiful women earn their livings by degrading themselves. They have not (as you would expect) found positions as the soulmates of millionaires but can be seen at the click of a mouse doing things with animals, appliances and substances that are normally flushed rather than applied. Why is this? Because degradation is fun? Or what?

Some womens hymens are smaller than others, some almost completely cover the vaginal orifice and some are barely detectable, some women dont have them at all.

“Who the hell are you to tell me how to live?
You think I sell my body; I merely sell my time.
I ain’t no Cinderella, I ain’t waitin’ for no prince
To save me, in fact until just now I was doin’ just fine
And on and on
I know what degradation feels like
I felt it on the floor, at the factory
Where I worked long before, I took control, now I answer to me
The 50K I’ll make this year will go anywhere I please
Where’s the problem?”

From “Lori Meyers” by NOFX.

Zoggie, flexible hymen. Speaking of hymens, there is a St. Hymen.

Thanks for the laughs, guys.

G. Nome: sure, it’s a valid question, I suppose. But put me in the group of people who are scratching their heads, wondering where the hell you come up with these topics.

I mean, really. This is the sort of scenario:
"Suppose a 35 year old nun decides to leave the convent. Instead of taking little baby steps and maybe date some schmoe named Biff for a while, she decides to become a full-blown hardcore prostitute. Now, how much would her price differ from the going OTC rate of an 18 year old virgin entering the prostitution business?"

It’s a valid question, but I honestly don’t expect this one to be answered with anything other than vague culturally tinted answers.

Pray to St. Hymen for enlightenment.

::shakes head slowly in amazement::

Surreal, completely surreal.


Let’s cut to the chase, G. Nome.

How old are you and what are you thinking of charging?