Does the value of a sex-worker's virginity increase or decrease with age?

And: Would you be only removing essential under clothing but keeping the habit on or would you be fully undressing ?

The market price of virgin Nuns in full regalia exceeds that of same with visible genetalia. Didn’t you know that ??

That’s largely what I was getting at above. It doesn’t really have an answer. Which may be the point, I suppose. You just have a talent for coming out of left field with this sort of Socratic-method-on-acid thing, G.Nome. I’d like to know what you think on the subject, from time to time, rather than just answering your questions.

But to answer your question as best I can, the quality of virginity is probably an addition to value in general, with youth and beauty also adding to asking price. A virgin ex-nun would probably be able to charge a substantial fee for that first time, but would be just another sex-worker after that. I have the feeling that technique, in addition to or replacing youth and/or beauty, would only be valued in more exclusive circles.

Cisco: Would the Silicon Valley version go something like:

I am a software salesman
I’m not a women’s charity
I’ve eradicated every typing pool
From here to Cape Canaveral…

If I could be bothered I could maybe rhyme voice recognition with perdition. And so on.
To everyone that thinks it is: it’s not about nuns.

Manhattan: I’d be more interested in who than what.

Geez, what was Career Day like at your school?

“Well, first I’ll take Holy Orders . . . and then I’ll go flatbacking.”

your humble TubaDiva
who still can’t freaking believe this thread.

Well, I’m gonna try to bring this thread back on track. When I go cruising Patterson Park for some horizontal fun, I specifically avoid the ex-nuns, and there are several reasons.

#1. There are just so many! You can’t walk down Eastern Ave. without being rudely acosted by an ex-nun looking for sex.

#2 It’s lost it’s appeal. I’ve bought hundreds of ex-nuns, and while the way they move their tounge around my dick, muttering “Hail Mary” while sucking is novel at first, it wears thin after a while.

Frankly, I’m worried about the future of prostitution. The ex-nuns are crowding out the traditional whores. What is your run of the mill junkie to do? It’s a damn shame whe the people who have been providing a service for hundreds of years are pushed out by a new group, who triumph just because they have the “Lord” on their side. I say, call a congressional hearing! This shall not stand!

All right, it is.

Who you’d charge versus what you’d charge, which relates to whatever the hell your point was, if you had one…how??

He, who, wha’, how…does anyone else hear the same ass braying the same old tune? Loud, contentious, stubborn and contrary don’t equal useful.


I think G. Nome was hitting on Humphrey with that comment! :wink:

I only clicked on this thread because I wanted to see what evilbeth said. :wink:

I was reading an article the other day by someone who drew a distinction between the television shows of Phil Donahue and Oprah Winfrey and Reality television which largely deals in voyeurism. The writer was of the opinion that Donahue and Winfrey’s shows possessed a genuflection towards educative purpose. That was the exact phrase - a genuflection towards educative purpose. I think Cecil Adams’ attitude towards education is intended to be more of a magnanimous gesture. I have ignored this fact and his Fighting Ignorance slogan in most posts I have made here - not without shame. So, because I don’t want to make matters any worse, I have decided not to answer any more of Humphrey’s questions for the time being. Thank you very much.

Told you! She’s playing hard to get!
Lizard, you are so cute!

It makes more sense than “First I’ll take holy orders and then people will pay me to sing Hildegard of Bengen’s Greatest Hits”. Or “First I’ll take holy orders and then I’ll become an icon restorer”. Doesn’t it?

I’m actually quite astounded at the number of moderators/administrators that are chiming in on questions about 35 year old virgins.
[sub]or should I be?[/sub]

Welcome to Saturday’s “you won’t BELIEVE this thread” award winner. We were so awed and amazed we all chimed in.

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No, Cecil does not have Holy Orders, but it is a Higher Calling.

I personally don’t care why the question is being asked.

From stories and studies from IRL regarding prostitution in England, France, and Latin countries in Europe in the 1800’s, the selling price always increased as the age was younger and younger. IIRC, in Victorian London 13-year old virgins were especially prized, and could be worth an incredible amount of money at the time - around the order of 100 or more pounds. Which, of course, the poor girl being raped and victimized never saw a pence of. In Italy, virginity in young exploited girls was especially valued until about age 18, at which they were not really considered to be “viable goods”.

The book Memoirs of a Geisha talks quite a bit about the complicated bidding and selling process for the virginity of the young Geishas. I actually cannot recall the age at which the lead character has her virginity sold, but IIRC there was a certain time that was “ideal”, and I think it was around 16 to 18 years. After that, the desireability dropped way off.

Thailand does a good business selling virginity, but normally the girls range as young as 12, or even 10. Cuba has got into this business as well. In each of these countries, younger is better, and thus a higher price.

I have not heard of any culture where aged virginity (above 20) was especially valued.

Now because there are already so many crude remarks and jokes here - do I study this terrible and sick subject actively? No, I do not. It’s just a cultural phenomenon I happened to have read a couple books about lately. And I am deeply concerned about culturally acceptable victimization and exploitation of women - a subject that makes my blood boil. Thus, I do read about these things. :frowning:

Hey that’s what i was gonna say: About Memoirs of a Geisha. Except I am a sicko, but that’s alright.

I remember the narrator was somewhat youngish. Sixteen I think. But i could always find the book again.

I remember reading, years ago, an interesting essay on power which looked at the subject from a different perspective. The author considered real power in the world to be held not by governments, churches, military-industrial complexes and so on but by a small group of people of specific types. I can’t remember them all but the list included nymphettes, newspaper sub-editors and popular entertainers. The right nymphette in the author’s opinion had the power to bring down governments or change history -their appeal to males is so strong. Sub-editors have had, in the past anyway, shocking power over what the public knows or doesn’t know and popular entertainers are what they are.

I thought older virgins of a certain type would have an attraction outweighing younger ones. Marilyn Monroe, for instance, had she been a virgin should have been worth a dozen Lolitas. But I suppose I’ll agree with Anthracite. It’s not likely.

I’d prefer experience over novelty.

But I’m female. So maybe that makes a difference. I seriously doubt that when i’m 32, i’ll be lusting after sixteen year old virginal males. (Is that a contradiction in terms? :p) Do many females want to screw young, untouched guys? What about old ones?

Are nymphettes that powerful. Hm.

Oh, what the hell:

Market failure in early liquidation of the virgin premium
[sub]keywords: Human Capital, Incentive Compatibility, Discounting, Missing Markets[/sub]

As stated by betenoir, the value of the asset is likely to be bell-shaped. It is very likely that over the relevant range the asset price function is concave downwards. I shall assume the function is twice differentiable.

From the point of view of the profit-maximising sex-worker, the objective function is the present value of the stream of piece-rate payments (assumed constant) from liquidation-date plus the present value of the one time asset liquidation. Clearly even at very low discount rates this means that unless the asset premium were very high early liquidation of the asset is rational since the time value of the asset must be discounted by the opportunity cost of trick payments foregone. It is thus clear that it will never be rational to sell out at the asset’s maximum value if being known to be available to engage in such activities has some costly effect on other activities.

However it is likely than in the absence of idealised Arrow-Debreu markets asset liquidation will occur too soon resulting in a loss of surplus for both consumers and producers. Like education and health care, hymen sales suffer from the problem of collateral. Human Capital assets such as this are inadequate for procuring loans. In the education area, this means that it is more costly to finance ex ante profitable investments in higher education since private lenders cannot use the asset as collateral (you can’t repossess a degree upon loan default). This results in underinvestment by low wealth individuals in education and health and would result in sub-optimally early divestment in the case of (commodified) virginity.

Simulations using a discount rate of 5%, a premium not more than an order of magnitude greater than annualised piece-rates, a time horizon of 30 years and an industry share of 5% yield a deadweight loss of .002% of GNP.

In addition it could well be argued that the discount rates of agents in this area are excessive (following Pigou) or irrationally non-exponential (following Elster). This would exacerbate the market failure.

Standard policy in this area is to provide loans-schemes, often with income-contingent repayment. These are presumed superior to subsidy or free-provision approaches (Johnson 1971, see Chapman 1980 for an application to higher education - this is where higher education finance in NZ comes from BTW G.Nome). In the instant case the obvious policy prescription is the provision of bridging finance to prospective prostitutes to enable them to liquidate at a later, Pareto-superior date. The interest rate charged should be the long-term bond rate. The difficulty in this case is familiar from trade theory (pace the “not-producing hogs” industry, strategic overinvestment in declining smokestack industries etc.) - announcing the policy will result in an excessive number of applicants, not all of whom are genuine. The non-enforceability of any contract of this nature over time (even where prostitution is legal) makes any policy in this area strategically vulnerable.

I read that in Thailand, the price for a virgin is usually around ten times the price of a non-virginal prostitute - about $80, as upposed to $8 for ‘used’.