Does this article not piss you off?$877 After reading this article, does it not piss you off? I’m sorry, but this article is outrageous to me on many MANY levels. Before I go put my two cents in on this article, what all do you think of it?

well I must be linking wrong, but here is the link (you may have to copy and paste it):$877

Racist much?

Lack of editing skills much?

And what are the Bush Administration’s “realist policies”?

Fixed link:$877

And no, the article doesn’t piss me off. First, I am not an American, and second. most of these arguments have been used by the Democrats too.

Not being an American means never having to apologize for not being pissed off.

And who are “the Democrats” who have supposedly been saying these things?

I don’t understand. Do I have to apologise for not being pissed off? The article is critisizing Americans. I am not an American, so by definition I cannot be offended by that article.

The article is (among other things) questioning the legality of the Iraq war, stating the fact that no WMDs were found and is against abolishing AA. If I am not mistaken, this is very close to Kerry’s rhetoric.

I am not an American and so no comments on the “racist” part of the article. But I agree with this a full one hundred percent:

Most Americans are stupid the way most Europeans are stupid…the way most of the world is stupid. Childish name-calling proves nothing, and just shows a lack of intelligent reasoning by the caller.
So there, Mr. Poopy-Pants!

I had a really snarky and rude comment all typed out but I take it back, tentatively.

Which Americans that you know are you basing this on?

sum contrees r stoopider than uthers.

As a white American male I can say that it doesn’t offend me, and is pretty much spot-on.

But it does hyperbolize a bit.

I am merely stating my lack of taking offense that you are not offended, Dog80. If that is unknowingly offending on my part, I retract it entirely.
It’s been that kind of week.

As for the Democrats, I don’t recall seeing that type of racially-inspired rhetoric coming from any figures in the party, not even Al Sharpton, who I try not to recognize as a Democrat anyway.

You know, if I’m confronted with a statement that begins “Most Americans are…”, it isn’t getting a pass from extended scrutiny unless it goes: “Most Americans are living in America.”

Sorry, but my comments are not based on any specific set of Americans. They are derived only from the actions of the country called America, governed by leaders that the Americans elected to represent them. The American government has amply demonstrated the essence of the post by their recent activities including but not limited to the invasion of Iraq.

What about “…English speakers”?

Ah, I’m convinced. Most (white) Americans are stupid and assume they have the right to interfere with and dictate the social and cultural practices of other countries. I was thinking with my tiny brush but I have since located my wide one. Thank you.

Are you representative of the citizens of whatever nation you hail from? If so, let me know where it is so I can avoid it’s pretentious ignorance.

Or maybe we’s dum merickans can invade it.

Never favored the Iraq invasion by the way. Never voted for Bush Perhaps that gives you a clue as to my annoyance with your broad brush. But what’s more, this is another sign that folks can no longer simply disagree. If one holds a different world view, they must be stupid. And you have taken that a level higher. Not only are those who hold a different opinion than you stupid, the whole nation they come from is also stupid. This is the logic of a moron.

White, male American checking in here. And not pissed off.

I don’t know Tommy Curry, and I don’t know how many Americans he’s met. If he chooses to generalize about all Americans based on the actions of our current administration, then that says more about him than it does about me, or the country.

If I got pissed off every time somebody took a swipe at me, generally or specifically, then I’d be walking around in a state of perpetual pissedoffittude. If I got pissed off every time a college student said something stupid in public. . . well, you know the rest.