Does this Count as a Mass Killing?

As I keep the Official List of Mass Killings, I was excited to discover a mechanic is wanted by the FBI for the 1996 ValueJet crash. He seems to have signed off that the (chemical) oxygen generators were properly stowed when they weren’t. He seems to have fled to Darkest Peru with Paddington Bear.

110 people died.

He is charged with a bunch of crimes, but none of them are anything like homicide.

Does this deserve to be included on the 1996 list?

11 May 1996 (110 killed) (Criminal Negligence) (

IMO since it is not deliberate, no. But it’s your list - include whatever you want.


Same thought. Include this and you probably need to include every building collapse and related events where the cause was some sort of negligence.

I agree, unless the act was deliberately intended to cause death, it doesn’t count.

Yes, I think you are right. Thank you all.

Was he hoping that they did blow up or hoping that they wouldn’t blow up? It sounds like the latter so not a mass killer.

I am always eager to add an overlooked mass killing from the past. Too many are forgotten. But this one does not seem to meet any sort of requirement.

I’m curious as to how you gained the position of having The Official List of Mass Killings. Is it a UN position? Do you get a stipend?

Would you count the Hyatt-Regency disaster in 1981? The architects approved the fatal change in design over the phone without any review.

How about 1979’s American Airlines #191, where the engine broke off because of poorly executed maintenance procedure that led to structural failure?

Paul, you may want to check out this article from Science News: Why science still can’t pinpoint a mass shooter in the making (warning, it may require a log in) It seems there’s another person named Grant Duwe (criminologist at the Minnesota Department of Corrections) compiling a list of mass killings. Perhaps you could compare notes.

Grant’s is just “a” list, not “the” list.

Or this?

Natural gas has a smelly additive in it now, in large part because of this disaster that killed almost 300 people, most of them children.

It doesn’t seem like this happened inside a catholic church so I don’t think it was a mass killing.

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I wish I could understand just what it is that you get out of this list, OP. It seems too morbid to comprehend, but if you find some kind of satisfaction in it, by all means continue. I really try not to dwell on this stuff too much.