Does this count as starting multiple threads on the same topic? (Hypothetical)

I’ve been correctly called out on starting multiple threads on the same subject (something which I don’t want to end up accidentally doing again). That led to me deciding to post this question:

Right now I’ve got a thread in Cafe Society on William Morris’ novel The House Of The Wolfings which has no other replies just now except a link to the online text of the book. I originally started the thread partly so I could get recommendations for pre-Tolkien high fantasy novels. If there are no other replies to the thread in the next few days, am I allowed to start another thread on pre-Tolkien fantasy novels? Or would that still count as starting multiple threads on the same topic? Any mods have an answer?

You could also request that the forum mods change your thread title to better reflect what the subject of the thread actually is. My guess is that you’re not getting any action since people haven’t read the book, therefore aren’t clicking into the thread.

twickster, Cafe Society moderator

You can also “bump” your own thread, once, by posting to it to bring it to the top and to attention. But I agree with twickster, a title change may help.

Clarification request: Is this a “formal” rule or a more “informal” rule? How strictly is it enforced (say, if I bump my own thread after a day or two and then again a few days later)?

From the rules: