Does this electoral site exist?

I’m looking for a site which shows the electoral results for each of the 50 states going back 50 years or so – who won the U.S. Senate seat, who won the U.S. House seats and as a bonus who won a governorship. Most importantly, I wish to see who won by what amount, e.g. Bob received 70,000 votes, Susy received 50,000 votes for the House race in the third district of Kansas in 2002.

The information is obviously out there but is it all located in an easily readable site somewhere where one could compare results at a glance? I would find it useful.

I wouldn’t really consider it easily readable, but I think this has most of what you’re looking for in PDF’s.

Since 1920, the Clerk of the House has collected and published the official vote counts for federal elections from the official sources among the various states and territories. These documents, out of print for many years, have been collected and scanned in a format to make them once again available to researchers and students.