Does this household device exist?

I have an outlet on one side of the room that’s connected to the wall switch. On the other side of the room is a non-switched outlet with a lamp plugged into it. I want the lamp to be switchable by the wall switch, but I don’t want to run an extension cord across the room on a permanent basis.

So I envision a two part device. Part A plugs into the switched outlet, and consists of a transmitter, and maybe an extra outlet so you don’t lose use of that outlet. Part B plugs into the un-switched outlet and provides an outlet to plug the lamp into, as well as a receiver. When the wall switch is on, A sends a signal to B. As long as B gets the signal, it provides power to the lamp. When the wall switch is off, the transmitter gets no power and shuts off. B sees no signal, so it cuts power to the lamp.

Viola, the unswitched outlet becomes virtually connected to the wall switch.

So does this exist? Or anything like it?

Yes. They are remote light switches. Available all over the place.

Note that the switch part of those doesn’t plug in though - it’s usually some kind of battery powered RF or IR sender than just sends a signal to the receiver when you switch it on or off. I had one of those a few years ago that sometimes took more than one try to get turned on or off.

Hmm… yeah, that’s close. Maybe close enough. But I don’t want to install a second wall switch when I already have one, and I don’t want a remote that I can lose. But at least now I have the right search term to look for. I wasn’t even sure what to call such a switch-switching-doodad.

Yup. We’ve got most of our living room lights on remote switches, because they’re behind other furniture and hard to get to.

I think they came from Lowe’s or somewhere similar.