Remote control switch?

Is there any way I can make or buy a switch where I can turn on and off a light across the room with a remote or by shining a laser at it or something like that?

I want to be able to turn a light off remotely without using the Clapper. :smiley:

Here ya go.

Thanks, that’s just what I was looking for.

In case anyone’s interested, the same company is selling the same remotes on Amazon for half the price.:

If you want to use multiple switches with light dimmers, timers, remotes etc. (i.e. home automation) then I’d recommend an X-10 system. You can also find them at Radio Shack.

You can also buy radio powered remotes for about $10.
I got several from Menards/Home despot.
They’ve a range of about 50 feet, and the signal goes through walls quite nicely.

Radio powered remotes? $10 is definitely more my speed. Can you link to examples of any so I can see what they are?

Like this? Im Lazy

Here’s one

Thanks, Squink. Is that pretty much what the onesavailable at Home Depot look like? Do those work woth those programmable TV remotes that you can get at the dollar store?

Never mind, I just noticed that a remote is included. The one at Home Depot for $10 also comes with the remote?

Yes. There’s a plug in wall unit, and a little one button remote switch.

The Clapper
ETA: oops. didn’t see that you didn’t want the clapper. Oh well. :wink: