does this kithen countertop exist?

I have a smallish galley kitchen. What I’d like to have is a countertop that I could slide over the sink, temporarily exanding my countertop space. I kind of do that now by placing a large cutting board across the sink, but I’d like to have something more permanent.

Like this?

Any good cabinetry shop could fix you up - the only “trick” is to use an under-mount sink, ant the area(s) to be covered.
These are quite common on RV’s, for instance.

I need to google a bit, but about 8 months or so I ran across a sink ‘system’ that was just what you are describing, with inserts that are large bowls, collanders, workspaces, cutting boards. Just a sec and I will see if I can find it.

Found it - The Galley Sink.

Of course it is probably 5 or 10 times as expensive as it needs to be, but isn’t it damned spiffy?:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks all, I’ll check them out.

I drooled over this for quite a while when I first saw it. Unless I manage to get a HUGE raise in the next 2 months though it’s not going to happen.

It is gorgeous, but from the videos it looks like you might have to insert the additional cutting boards to make the whole thing one large counter top. That means additional stuff you have to store in an already small kitchen. I loved that it the whole thing was one huge sink, though.

So you are envisioning a counter that telescopes into itself? Or would the panels slide out from under each other? That would create several levels, from one counter section down to the next, when the counter was fully extended.

I’m not sure, either a hinged lid that would swing over to cover the sink, or a panel that sldes out. The system that aruvqan linked is very close to what I was thinking of and I might visit a dealer to see one in action.