Does this mean a Juno email account was snooped?

I know someone who is generally almost what I’d call paranoid – she frequently thinks people are coming into her house, her car, her computer. I can’t imagine this is really going on; there’s hardly ever anything changed or stolen, and it seems unlikely anyone would constantly go to such trouble and not actually do anything.

Today she’s decided someone snooped in her Juno email.

I dunno…knowing this person jumps to conclusions a lot, I’d like to calm down the drama if it’s indeed unwarranted. In my experience, email programs (especially the free ones) are pretty inconsistent in how they behave…I wouldn’t bet the farm when something failed to notify me of new email. But my advice is suspect because “I never believe” her.

Is the suspicion that the account was opened by a third party likely to be true? Is there any to prove it one way or the other?

To be honest,she’s politically active, so I have to admit that it’s possible that something sneaky is going on, after things like this make the news.


It’s probably just a glitch, though I don’t use Juno, so I have no idea how reliable they are. MySpace usually fires off an email to me when I get a new message there, but sometimes something goes wrong, I guess, and it just doesn’t send one. So that kind of thing is certainly possible.

Are any of the links to the emails grayed out as if they’ve been clicked? Is there anything in her browser history to suggest someone else had been using the computer? Temorary Internet files? Those are the things I’d check.