Does Toyota still make an AWD Celica?

Mrs. Bernse is thinking of buying a new car in the next year or so. We’re looking long and hard at Subaru’s. However, I’ve always liked Celica AWDs. Far rarer and pretty good looking too, IMHO. I went to the Toyota Canada website and cannot find any info on the AWD version of the Celica.

Did they stop making them? If so, does anyone know if they are looking at reintroducing them?


No, they no longer make an AWD Celica. The Toyota Matrix (Corolla wagon) uses the same engines as the Celica and has an AWD option, so you might want to consider that.

-Andrew L

I am pretty sure they still make one in Japan.

Get yourself a Subaru WRX. If you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive AWD sports car, this is the class of the field. 27 more horsepower than the Celica, and something like 400 lbs lighter, if I recall correctly. And Subaru’s AWD system is one of the best around.

It’s not listed on Toyota’s Japanese web site.

Thanx folks. I guess we’re SOL and Subbies are about the only other option.

Oh well!

Certainly Sam, there’s no denying the WRX is extremely hihgly regarded, and rightly so. Indeed, the Subaru AWD is equally highly regarded as well - perhaps only pipped in excellence by the Nissan variable system first pioneered in the GTR-Skylines in the early 90’s (known as Godzilla).

My only chagrin regarding the WRX, and this is purely a personal perception, is that because the car features a 4 cylinder boxer design (the same as a mid 60’s VW Beetle) well, the bloody things sound like VW Beetles as a result! Albeit, very powerful ones - but still, if you despise Beetles like I do, it’s really enough to put you off a WRX I gotta say! (smile)

I just drove a WRX, and it didn’t sound like that at all. In fact, it had a throaty sound more like a V-8 than a VW. Must be the exhaust tuning. That sound was overlaid by a fairly prominent whine from the turbo. I liked it.

I prefer the look of the Celica over the WRX though. The Celica looks much sleeker and sportier.