Does Tri Kappa in Indiana have any relation to KKK?

I know that the KKK and Indiana go way back, so it made me wonder about an organization that calls itself KappaKappaKappa and only exists in Indiana. Is it in any way related to the KKK? Is it whites only, etc.?

This is the organization that has as its symbol a white rose, not the Dartmouth fraternity.

I dunno, a group founded several years prior to the resurrected Klan whose primary interests are funding scholarships and which has been recognized by the IRS as a 501©(3)? If they are fronting any Klan activities, they are doing a good job of deep cover.

Well, having been a Hoosier my entire life, I’ve never heard the two linked… althoug hearsay isn’t necessarily the best evidence.
OTOH… their website confirms everything I’ve known about Tri-Kappa:

That is, it’s a philanthropic organization founded by 7 women and is associated with IU, Purdue, Ball State, Rose-Hulman to name a few more reputable organizations which suggest that no, Tri-Kappa isn’t associated with the KKK…

One might call it a poor name choice? Although I can’t say for certain, I’ve not found anything to suggest any relation between the two.