Does Trump want to undermine the role of the press?

Is there any doubt now that President Trump actively seeks to undermine the role of the press in the United States?

ETA: I don’t think there is any doubt.

Of course he does, his whole “Fake News” narrative is used to discredit the media – he even admitted it to Leslie Stahl.

Seeing people type “Fake news” is like fingernails on chalkboard to me. It kills me that anyone would fall for this BS.

It’s the same reason that in the past he was actively trying to undermine the FBI and Comey. It’s called “working the refs” in sports. He knows that he’s engaging in suspicious activity, so he tries to call into question the legitimacy of those whose job it is to point out the suspicious activity.

I fear that his efforts will have long lasting negative repercussions to our society long after he is gone.

As the Atlantic article I posted in the other thread argued, people like Acosta aren’t helping the situation with “speaking truth to power” routine rather than asking real questions at the press conferences. Do that in your editorials or news stories, don’t show up to get into a jousting match with the President on live TV.

Jim Acosta’s Dangerous Brand of Performance Journalism

That said, of course Trump is trying to undermine the authority of the press. He’s not exactly trying to hide it

That may well be the case, but it doesn’t address the OP. Does Trump want his pass revoked because he thinks Acosta’s behavior is uncalled for, or because he doesn’t like the questions and the implicit understanding that he should answer reasonable ones?

It is a fine line for Acosta. Rule number one in Journalism is “don’t become the story”. But what do you do if your are pursuing rule number one, and asking tough questions, and your subject makes you the story? That said, prominent journalists can’t really help but become the story, to some extent, in today’s news media / celebrity market.

The “question” that caused the brouhaha was basically “just admit the caravan isn’t an invasion!”. This is an unfortunate test case.

Was there ever any doubt?

And how was Trump’s behavior while he attempted to ask his questions? In fact, how was Trump’s behavior during the entire press conference?What I saw was constant interruptions and insults from the man Acosta was trying to question.

Acosta does not ask reasonable or even tough questions. He makes a left-wing argument and then phrases it in the form of a question. Any President (Republican or Democrat) is there to inform the press of what is going on that day or week and to provide information to the public. It is not the Debate Hour with Jim Acosta.

Further, there are other reporters trying to ask questions. Acosta tries to dominate the whole press conference.

That example was particularly egregious. To paraphrase:

Acosta: Mr. President, you called the caravan an invasion. We now know it is not an invasion…
Trump: In my opinion, it is an invasion.
Acosta: But it is not…

That is not questioning, that is arguing and no President should be required to argue with a reporter.

That is not arguing, that is calling out a liar. Isn’t that what the press is supposed to do?

No reporter should be required to accept lies at face value.


Trump would like all media to follow the lead of FOX news and praise him, congratulate him, marvel at his leadership, and never ask any hard questions. Then he would be fine with the press.

Thump’s presidency will have long-lasting negative repercussions in many areas, not just the press. We will spend years locating the damage.

You make a very adulterous point, UltraVires.

That’s my point: it wasn’t a question. He was there to “challenge” the President over his choice of rhetoric. Acosta got exactly what he was looking for from Trump- a nationally televised bicker session.

And as a side benefit he got to forcibly rape a hot defenceless intern, or so the Trump administration would have us believe.

But it sure as hell isn’t my point, which is that you continue to push this narrative that the only problem in this situation is the supposed disruptive attitude of Acosta(totaling dropping the former “He put his hands on her!!” narrative). Why do you not want to talk about Trump’s role in this-his continual interrupting, insulting and intimidation of those trying to question him?

Can you point out a reporter in the White House press corps that is “doing it right” and getting answers from Trump? If not, then I suspect it is questions and not the supposed attitude of those questioning him that bother you.

Acosta chose to debate/argue with his interview. It was a Whitehouse press conference. No one cares what Acosta thinks. The public wants to know the views of the person being interviewed. Acosta said this, or Acosta said that, is not supposed to the news story. It’s not the “all about Acosta, and when will he get his own show” press conference. When asking about the illegal alien invasion of Mexico, people want to know what the President thinks. The reporter should be transparent to the actual story. Even CNNSUX debaters/reporters.

Trump is, and always has been, a counter-puncher. The media is not used to a popular President treating them the same way that they treat him.

He has not. He’s a bully who picks weak opponents and tries to destroy them for his own malevolent purposes, mostly to make himself feel important. I don’t think he has ever “counterpunched” anyone.