Trump and the hostile press

I caught part of Trump’s press conference. I must own that despite Trump being Trump, I have some sympathy for him in this regard; many of the press corps actively campaigned against him, and now they’re publishing unsubstantiated allegations.

Has there ever been an incoming president who has faced such a hostile press corps? If so, what did he do about it?

Nixon and Reagan were, respectively, abhorred and disdained by large segments of the press and the literati, but the style and tone of the time prevented such an overt slapfest. A certain sense of form when in mixed company held.

Dick responded with enemies lists while Ron responsed with geniality and you see where that got each.

Don’t be so disingenuous, a glance at your posts over the last several months shows you to be an avid Trump defender, much less a reluctant sympathizer. :rolleyes:
He’d love to dissolve the press and replace them w/ English-language Pravda. This press is some of the defense we who worry about the directions he’s already taking, I encourage their ‘hostility’ and hope it continues.

A guy who participated in the birther movement deserves no sympathy for unsubstantiated allegations.

Are you fucking shitting me?

So what do you think of people who repeat unsubstantiated allegations? You don’t like it, is that right?

So what about people who falsely spread rumors that Obama was born in Kenya?

What about people who claim that vaccines cause autism?

What about people who claim that climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese to destroy American business?’

What about people who claim that Ted Cruz’s father was involved in the JFK assassination?

What about people who claim they saw thousands of Muslims celebrating in New Jersey after 9/11?

Do you have disdain for people who do those things?

He’s playing it for all he’s worth.

It will have its favorites among the press; those who agreed to be its toadies. They’ll be at the front of its press conferences and always get their softball questions answered. ‘How does it feel to be so beloved?’, they’ll ask. They may not think they have any other choice. We who care about the veracity of the news will need to be vigilant about who has kissed the ring and who hasn’t.

Sorry, but you’re wrong. Sure I’ve challenged statements attacking Trump, but I think you’ll find my defence of him has been scant.

I don’t recall Reagan being treated with such hostility. But yes, I don’t see Trump being genial and humorous.

The press wasn’t hostile to him; it slanted its coverage heavily towards him, and against Clinton, and worked hard to get him elected. Successfully. He’s just so horrific in every way that he looks awful even with the coverage slanted in his favor.

The entire point of a free press is to confront the president and hold him responsible for his actions. If you’re not going to challenge him, you’re a press agent, not a reporter.

Only a dictator has a problem with the press asking difficult questions.

Paltry attempt; I think you’ll find that despite your idol being really good at gaslighting, it’s b/c he’s rich in a way you will never, ever, ever be.

Do you work at his golf course or something?

Awww…Trump and his fans sure are a whiny and butthurt lot, aren’t they?

Personal attacks like that are hardly fighting ignorance.

  1. Why have sympathy? As Lemur866 pointed out in the post you have not addressed yet, Trump has spread really horrible unsubstantiated rumors about lots of people and used the press to do it. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. Right?

  2. They are not “publishing unsubstantiated allegations”, they are reporting on what the 4 heads of the US intelligent agencies reported to a senate committee, the current President, and the future President. It could be that the allegations are false, but if the head of the department of homeland security and the heads of the CIA and FBI think this is worthy to report to our legislators, then the press should report it. Right? After all, the allegations that Obama was a secret Muslim born in Kenya were completely dismissed by our intelligent agencies, the judicial department, and the state of Hawaii, but the press still published those unsubstantiated allegations.

The press is not hostile toward Trump, it’s merely objective. He’s the one who’s hostile.

The press isn’t even hostile. They LOVE Trump in the way that matters(they report everything he says) and he knows it. THey play right into his hands.

Trump is going to have the most formidable messaging machine we’ve ever seen in politics, because every single thing he says will be extensively covered. Has a press conference ever attracted so much interest before? Will Trump EVER have trouble getting time from networks when he has something he’d like to get off his chest?

Yes they are. But that doesn’t excuse the press’s behaviour in the first place, does it?

You mean like asking questions and expecting answers?

How shocking!!!

Even Trump pointed that only a few did misbehave on the leak…

But never mind, Trump had wondered already if the leaking intelligence that we have and the press actions shows that we live in Nazi Germany…