Does weather or climate have "astrological" causes ?

A story in USA Today reports that

Of course it’s not fair to pick the dullest-witted among one’s opponents for debate. Nevertheless, I thought even AGW skeptics would find this commentary sad (or amusing).

It is amusing.

Not sure what the debate is though. I seriously doubt any Doper, even those who utterly reject AGW, will try to argue AGW has an astrological component.

The field of meteorological astrology, or alleged planetary influences on climate and weather events, is a very ancient and interesting one and is well worthy of study as a historical phenomenon.

It is, however, complete horseshit as far as any actual scientific validation is concerned. There is no modern scientific physical theory that supports the idea of meteorological astrology, and no observational evidence confirming its predictions.

I assume he meant to say “astronomical” or something, like a misunderstood reference to varying heat output of the sun or something. Not that he likely has any clue what he’s talking about, not understanding how “scientific theory” relates to facts.


Are you suggesting we should teach the controversy? :smiley:

And before you think I’m just making a cheap joke:


This is not the mistake of the reporter. The actual text of the bill says it:

The bit about CO2 being good for plants is laughable as well.

Plants do in fact like it but that is not the point at all. Kinda like saying water is good for plants so don’t worry if your city floods.

You will be surprised. I will have to assume that that was a typo from the legislators. However, it is scary to consider they did not made a mistake. :slight_smile:

In this case some claim that changes in radiation from space, the so-called galactic cosmic rays, can be one of the causes of global warming.

Sadly, the evidence has been contradictory or dismissive to the idea that global warming is affected by cosmic rays.

Agreed. But it still made me laugh.

Again, agreed. The theory did have the plus point of being falsifiable; unfortunately it got falsified.

See, Cosmic Rays are a real thing.

However, when the moon is in the Seventh House and Jupiter aligns with Mars we are well out of science and into hocus-pocus.

Curses! Foiled by Gaudere’s law again. :slight_smile:

And you keep doing this point, as it was mentioned before, recently they checked the actual levels of the feedback that water vapor has with CO2. Had the levels been not what they expected it would had falsified a very important element of AGW, as it turned out, the experiments and data gathered showed that the models were doing a great job predicting the levels of the feedback and the data showed that the climate scientists are in the correct track.

I’d like to know about the thermological causes of global warming myself.

Well, for my part I don’t believe in astrology. We Leos are much to skeptical for all that nonsense.

That’s because Leo is the very best sign! You like that part, don’t you? You’ll swear you don’t believe it, but you still like it.

Leos are why we won’t have icebergs in 50 years.

I’m surprised the stupid astrology place on AO Hell hasn’t picked up on this “Your Weather according to your astrological sign - Leos, you like it hot and sunny! Libra, a brisk fall day full of colorful leaves is you! Pisces, you are happy in the rain! Scopio, a dark and stormy night is your ideal!” They’ve already assigned home decorating tips, clothing, food, and sex tips to every sign, why not weather?

Aries: Its a beautiful day. Another deliberate insult! Pick a fight with Taurus.

Taurus: Its a beautiful day. Fishing. Puttering around the house. Whatever it is, it can wait. Avoid Aries.

Gemini: Its a beautiful day. Beautiful days make you nervous. But what doesn’t?

Cancer: Its a beautiful day. That’s not a reason to get all emotional about it.

Leo: Its a beautiful day. Thank you!

Virgo: Its a beautiful day. But untidy and disorganized. Get right on that.

Libra: Its a beautiful day. On the other hand…

Scorpio: Its a beautiful day. Its up to something, you can just feel it.

Sagittarius: Its a beautiful day. Go where it isn’t. Then turn around and come back.

Capricorn: Its a beautiful day. Bah, humbug!

Aquarius: Its a beautiful day. They say that, but they can’t prove it. You know better.

Pisces: Its a beautiful day, in a beautiful world. You know that, but can’t prove it. You don’t care.

Cthulu: Its a beautiful day. Some smug smartass is going to tell you that the constellations and the signs no longer correspond. Eat them.

I’m less interested in the “astrology” than in the idea that a resolution can make scientific conclusions. It would be just as silly to pass a resolution that the weight of evidence compelled a belief that the earth was closer to a sphere than a disk.

Unfortunately, there’s precedent.

Thank you Whack-a-Mole for posting the actual text:

Far from being idiots, the South Dakota GOP are accomplished poets and, like Shakespeare and Shelley etc., must be excused, on grounds of poetic license, for any minor language variations.

(More likely, I admit, is that a rationalist staffer inserted the language as a joke and was astonished to find that even Republicans didn’t catch on. “thermological” is especially amusing, since it seems to be a term specific to medical imaging!)

Nonsense. For example, if the Sun is in Aries I can reliably predict that the climate in the northern hemisphere is going to get steadily warmer over the next few months. There is nothing unscientific in that. The position in the zodiac is an indicator of the seasons. The manifest fact that astrological meteorology works so well at this rather gross level, and, was thus of enormous practical value to early agricultural societies, is surely what led people to try to extend the technique beyond its proper remit, and seek to make much more specific predictions based on more detailed observations. Sure, when you push astrology to far, to try to make predictions about people’s love lives or even whether it is likely to rain tomorrow, it is horseshit, but basic meteorological astrology - using the zodiac to keep track of the seasons - is entirely valid.

Of course, this in no way detracts from the idiocy and scientific illiteracy of the South Dakota legislature.