Does your boss make your blood boil?

Mine does.

Actually, he’s just the assistant manager. That’s good in a sense, because it means I don’t have to see him all the time, but when I do, I know I’m going to have a bad day.

He runs around like a chicken with his head cut off, barking unnecessary orders just to make it look like he’s doing something. He often makes rude and sarcastic remarks and thinks he’s being funny. He also takes a lot of digs at women, which REALLY grates my nerves. :mad:

I know it’s wrong, but I wish I had more justification to file a grievance with our union. That’ll learn him.

(Oh my, that sounded awfully petty of me. TSK!)

That was a well-plotted piece of non-claptrap that never made me want to retch.

Saucy: Document, document, document. You might not think you have enough to grieve, but as time passes, you will.

I’m a union member too, and I and several others had a serious problem with our supervisors a couple of years ago. It was so bad, an employee filed a discrimination suit against our management. They interviewed everyone in our office, and they did find discrimination. Management had to go to lots of “management training” classes. The only one who actually gained anything from them was my supervisor, who really was the worst of the lot. She did a complete 360. Her entire personality changed, as if she’d had a personality transplant. Man, did the atmosphere in my office ever get better!

Best of luck to you!

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i have a boss who generally, i love to pieces, but sometimes she just makes me want to rip my eyes out with a fork, cut off my thumbs and stick them in my ears.

i normally know right away when she’s around because i’ll hear her obnoxious orders and corresponding insults being thrown directly at my co-workers self esteem. sometimes i’m lucky though, and am able to avoid her until she pummels her way by me and sends my comparibly feeble body flying into the nearest wall.

she likes to mumble and talk out of her ass quite a bit too. then, when you ask her to repeat herself, she skips hesitation and immeditatly makes you feel like an idiot for not catching it the first time.

i can’t forget her love of putting her crew in sinks and dumpsters. oh, and she kicks real hard, so guard your shins if you ever threaten to tae-bo her.
like i said, i love her to pieces.


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I’m blessed with a great boss - smart, funny, careing, and trusts us all to get on with our jobs without constant supervision. Also, he has a healthy sceptism for all things bureaucratic.

Thanks for doing your bit to advance the cause of human knowledge.
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Not my immediate superior. He’s cool. Our Überlord, now… arg! His specialty is stonewalling the people below him and playing the fiddle while the department burns, then turning around and telling HIS superior that everything’s peachy, yeah, my people love me, love the company, morale couldn’t be higher, yada yada yada. Need I say that the actual situation is the complete inverse of what he claims? He’s also made it clear that we are NOT allowed to speak to the person he reports to without him being present, just on the off chance we might tell his boss something he would rather we wouldn’t. Control freakishness and paranoia – wonderful combination.

Too bad for him that his boss just asked all us gnomes toiling in the boiler room to be brutally honest about what we thought needed fixing in the department, while the aforementioned Überlord was forbidden to attend. Hopefully, change is in the air…

A cubicle is just a padded cell without a door.

One of my two bosses is ideal: He works at the other end of the building, so we tend to forget he’s there. Low-maintenance type.

The other one is basically all right (in spite of a tendency to send nitpicky hostile e-mails whenever he goes out of town) but has a tendency to forget things and procrastinate that can be deeply irritating. My annual review (and raise) was due in December. Have we done it yet? No. Raises are retroactive where I work, which gives him an excuse to put it off forever. I get compliments. Great. Compliments don’t buy Whiskas for the kitty!


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My current supervisor makes my blood boil.

I’m on a temp assignment at the IRS. No big deal, just opening the envelopes and sorting the returns and checks. I’m in my second week, as the supervisor loudly reminds me whenever I ask her anything. What she and the other supervisors don’t seem to bear in mind is that two or three days is sufficient time to learn to process normal returns, but that there are anomalies, like unsigned checks, that only turn up every few days. Hence, it’s easy to forget, from one incident to the next, how to process the oddities.

One of the big demons is the 1040X, whatever that is. (Ours is not to reason why, and I’m not learning much, if anything, from this, because we’re not told the function of any of the various forms; just which pigeonhole we’re to file them in.) We are not to process the 1040x with the regular 1040s, 1040EZs, 1040PCs, or 1040As. Okay, I got that the first day, but I think I’ve had four 1040Xs since I started, and today when I got one, I forgot what I was to do with it.

Me: Okay, what are we to do with the 1040X?

Supervisor: You’re not to process it with the other 1040s!

M: Okay, but–

S: See that chart on the wall?

M: (glottal stop)

S: Do you see 1040X up there?

M: I kn–

S: You process it with Review With Money! Two weeks you’ve been here!

[calming breath]If I thought it was to be processed normally…

I wouldn’t have asked.[/calming breath]

It wasn’t just that one time, and it isn’t just me. Our operator numbers get called out when we’re caught in a mistake, and mine hasn’t been called much–but yesterday was a doozy. I was informed that I’d processed an over-$50,000 payment with the regular payments. I turned back to the cubbyhole, trying to remember how I could have let that happen, and the supervisor says, “What’s this? You don’t care?” I said, “No, I’m just getting back to work.” Anyway, I’m not going to stress about it. It’s only a temporary gig, with no chance of permanence, and if they terminate me, then they just do. What do they expect for seasonal work.

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The worst I ever had was an insecure, paranoid toxic bitch–and I don’t use that label often. She was threatened by competence and a great, enthusiastic staff turned into unhappy, fearful drones.

The twit was so inept and nervy she couldn’t run her own meetings; she got migraines and made her supervisors fill in–and then slapped them down, hard, to keep them humble. She was also a racist and hated women. She was fully capable of sabotage, spying and premptive attacks.

It’s awful. I got out, pronto (after busting her chops quite nicely, thanks) but those good folks I worked with are miserable. Let’s put it this way, she listens in on their phone calls and patrols their emails.

Frankly, being paranoid must be a fulltime job because damned if I can figure out how she has the TIME to get any real work done for all the “peasant flogging” she does.

Grrrr. One of the few genuinely despicable people I’ve ever met.


Now I’m terribly good at math, but … :slight_smile:

Err, I meant I’m not terribly good at math. Dammit.

Full circle, you know? Like the meetings she had to go to were a healthy bitch-slap that spun her head all the way around, but in a good way, not like The Exorcist. :slight_smile:

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I made my husband join a bridge club. He jumps next Tuesday.

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