Does your city have a flag? What does it look like?

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The title says it all. I’ll start:

Presenting, Chapel Hill, NC

I like it. symbolic, well-designed, good colors, with the silhouettes of some of the more recognizeable (to locals, anyway) structures.

Chicago has a flag, which is frequently seen in the city.

The symbology of the elements of the Chicago flag:

  • The three white background areas of the flag represent Chicago’s North, West, and South sides

  • The top blue stripe represents Lake Michigan, and the North Branch of the Chicago River

  • The bottom blue stripe represents the South Branch of the Chicago River, and the Great Canal

  • The four, six-pointed red stars represent pivotal events in Chicago history:
    >- The first star represents the Chicago Fire of 1871
    >- The second star represents the Columbian Exposition of 1893
    >- The third star reprsents the Century of Progress Exposition of 1933-34
    >- The fourth star represents the Fort Dearborn Massacre of 1812
    >- Each of the points of each of those stars has symbolism attached to it, as well

This is our current one. It’s the sun rising over Lake Michigan.
Compared to past ones and some of the runners up before they chose this one, I kinda like it.

The other day, I saw someone that had painted it onto the front of their Jeep.

ETA, this is for Milwaukee.

Here’s Tucson’s city flag.

It incorporates the city’s skyline with the surrounding Sonoran desert area.

Atlanta’s flag is kinda boring, just a gold seal on a blue background. But the phoenix rising from flames and the motto “Resurgens” are completely appropriate for our city’s history. Shame it couldn’t have a bit more pizzazz; the only place I’ve ever seen it flying is outside city buildings.

Panama City, Panama, has a pretty elaborate one. It’s basically the coat of arms of the city. The border is composed of the castles and lions of Castile and Leon, and the center contains a yoke for oxen, arrows, and two ships.

San Francisco’s flag:

The motto, “Oro en paz. Fierro en guerra,” which I believe translates to “Gold in peace. Iron in war” is also on police uniforms (and probably fire department too, but I haven’t seen those). I believe the flag is flown major city buildings like city hall.

Folsom does not have a flag that I am aware of.

Sacramento, the nearest major city, does. It looks like this, with some swoopy, curvy fields of green, blue, white, darker blue, and yellow. I guess maybe the white one it the middle is supposed to represent the river but I don’t know for sure.

Fort Wayne IN displays it in every classroom and elsewhere. It has symbols for the Miami Indian, French, and English government and a blockhouse for the fort that it was before it was settled.,_Indiana

DC’s flag is based on George Washington’s coat of arms.,_D.C.

Nashville’s flag is similar to the Tennessee state flag – a solid color with a circular logo in the middle and a fimbriated (thinly outlined in a contrasting color; in this case, white) stripe on the fly (the end not near the pole). Instead of three stars in a weird orientation (all pointing toward the center and 18 degrees clockwise from two-over-one; the bottom star also points to the right), there’s the city seal. Instead of a red flag with a blue fly (the end not near the pole), there’s a blue flag with a yellow fly.

Nashville Football [i.e., soccer] Club took its colors from the flag and passed them on to the present-day Nashville Soccer Club. The Nashville Predators also use the flag’s colors, but I can’t find a cite saying that was intentional.

Fort Worth’s flag is a simple white flag with Fort Worth in blue over a Texas longhorn (our city mascot Molly). I imagine it wouldn’t have to say Fort Worth, we’d just have a longhorn, if it weren’t for that damned university in Austin.

It is, possibly, better than the very first City of Fort Worth flag from 1912.

The flag of Rochester, New York.

Not great but definitely better than the flag of Rochester, Minnesota or Rochester, Massachusetts.

The City of London has a flag. That only applies to the City, though the square mile. My area doesn’t have a flag. They’re not a big thing in England.

Just about every city of 50,000 or so has a flag.

And just about all of them are unmemorable and without character.

New Britain, CT has a seal. I don’t know the history behind the bee hive and to be honest, I don’t really care.

I kinda like the Portland OR flag.

One bit of history is that the motto is misspelled.

Here’s a list of flags associated with particular areas and cities of England (though technically more of them have a coat of arms than a flag)




Flag of Las Vegas. It sucks and it’s not at all original. It’s just a derivative of the Flag of Nevada, which also sucks.