Does your dog do this?

Why do male dogs love rolling in something dead…a dead animal and do female dogs also do this? What’s the purpose and is there anyway of breaking them of doing it?

It’s probably a residual hunting instinct. The carrion scent is non-alerting to other prey of the same type. Covering themselves with the aroma from the carcass is the equivalent of doggy camouflage.

> Why do male dogs love rolling in something dead…a dead animal and do female dogs also do this?

Female dogs also do it, or at least mine does.

The dog (female) my mom had before the one she has now did this all the time. The really icky part was having to bathe doggy dear once you realized just where that awful smell was coming from. The same dog also believed that dead squirrels were the neatest thing ever-- she didn’t eat them, but if she found a carcass left by one of the cats, she’d play with it for days. Unless we could get it away from her and catapult it into the woods… but she’d always find it again. Same deal with the trash.

We never did figure out how to break her of the habit. Shouting “No!” and pulling her away via her leash should have worked, but I swear that dog had selective hearing.

It’s doggy camouflage, as was stated above. They want to smell like something else… preferably something bigger and meaner than they are.

To illustrate… I had a friend who took care of a panther for a summer. Beautiful animal. Odd diet. Raw meat, with occasional mineral oil to help with digestion. Needless to say, this animal’s excrement was like an oil slick from hell. Black, reeking stuff, which had the clinging power of a poor relative.

He owned a Rottweiler.

With sleek, black fur, so you could never tell whether he’d been rolling in panther doo. Until you petted him.

Now I know why. Thanks for the input. :slight_smile:

My dog doesn’t have access to regular, smelly animal carcasses, so she kills bugs and rolls on them.

Now that’s a creative dog! :slight_smile: