Rolling in poop

Why do dogs roll in dog poop? Also if I’m in the woods or near a lake and come across a dead animal (even fish) my dog wants to roll in it. What’s the scoop? (I have a husky/chow/shepherd mix in case that helps)


IIRC, they do it instictively to cover their scent.

I’m pretty sure there’s already a thread about it, but I haven’t found the correct phrasing for it yet. :o

Scent cover, yup. Better to smell like anything but a predator.

Transcript of actual forestland conversation:
Deer 1: {startled} Hey! Look over there! Is that a wolf pack?
Deer 2: {still grazing} Nope. It’s a dead fish.
Deer 1: {confused} But there’s more than one, I see 'em.
Deer 2: {looks up} Oh, yeah, OK, I see 'em. It’s a school of dead fish.
Deer 1: {a little calmer} You sure?
Deer 2: {back to grazing} Yup. Smell.
Deer 1: {lifts nose to wind} {sniff, sniff}
Deer 2: {smugly} Well?
Deer 1: {returns to grazing} Your right, my bad. Dead fish.
Deer 2: Thought so.

Deer don’t travel in schools. Otherwise Deer 1 would have known enough English to say “You’re right, …”

Yesh-- what animal would want to go outside and try to hunt something down smelling like people house? Poop is much less likely to scare off potential prey than FreshGladeVeryBerry scented aerosol and Stouffer’s-Italian-green-curry T.V. dinner and Spring-Vanilla-scented-flea-collar and mango-papaya-aussie-conditioning-dog-shampoo. Knew a very foo-foo indoor white cat who wore a ribbon (!) that, as soon as she got out the door, would roll around in the dirt and then go kill things (did a very good job of it).