Does your state give out licenses/ID's on the same day you apply?

Here in this thread jgroub talks about his wife needing some form of identification for a fast approaching trip. Lots of people posted variations of “duh, just go to the DMV and renew the license or get a non-drivers identification card before you go.”

So apparently in some other states people don’t have to wait the two to six weeks for the photo ID to come in the mail the way we New Yorkers do. In NY, when you go to the DMV, they give you a little paper card with all of your information on it, and mail the real deal to you from Albany (the capital). Is NY the only state that does it the inconvenient way?

Connecticut here. I get my license during the same visit.

Gee, I thought Ohio was the leader in backward bureaucracy, but immediate photo ID was here before 1980 (when the Ohio BMV made me turn in my Michigan license and immediately gave me a new Ohio license). (Michigan had been issuing “immediate” licenses for at least fifteen years before that.)

It’s hard to believe that any state is still mailing licenses.

Well, I posted in the other thread, but in South Carolina you walk in with your old one and walk out with a new one. You might miss the rise and fall of an empire or two in between, but they make the licenses on site.

Illinois licenses made on-site. If it’s your first one, you’ll need additional ID. If renewing your old license - nothing additional required. Choose your time wisely and hope the line is not too long. Staff moves at same pace whether there are 100 ppl or 1 person in line. Don’t forget to take a number…
If you have a clean driving record you can renew on-line and they mail a sticker to attach to your existing license extending the expiration date.

Washington State licenses are only issued from one office in Olympia. When I first obtained my license (I received a paper temp license until my permanent license came in the mail), I asked why, since other states issue on the spot. I was told by DMV that all licenses are issued from a single office in the state to reduce the chance of false licenses and identity theft.

A number of years ago when Wisconsin first went to the computer-generated licensing, the laws did not keep pace with the technology. I renewed my license with no problem at the DMV, they made the license for me on the spot, but could only provide me with a paper temp license. Why? Well the legislature passed the law allowing for the creation of the new licenses, but not the distribution of the new licenses. A different (old) law still required all licenses to be mailed out. So as they gave me my paper temp license, they showed me my new fangled computer generated license, put it in an envelope (along with the required paper letter) and said it would be mailed out. Would I get it the next day, I asked? Not a chance because they also had to bulk post all licenses from a central location! I did not receive my renewed license for a week!

Hawaii’s same day. I go to a satellite city hall too so it’s quick.

I had applied for ID in Minnesota and was shocked/surprised to know that it would not be issued on the spot! Took 3 weeks for it to arrive by snail mail. Doesnt make much sense because they made me carry all my identification documents in original (it was my first time) and even took the picture immedietly.

I got my Mississippi license the same day I took my driving test.

Virginia: In with papers, out with photo ID.

In Nevada you get your ID on the same visit. DMV takes forever here, but same day ID service.

Wisconsin – in and out with your ID in hand. Washington, DC is the same.

Florida - on the spot. Never have had to wait in line, either.

Us neither. The waiting room has plenty of seating. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tennessee. You get your license made on the spot and carry it with you. You may be there for several hours, but it’s all done in the one visit. They use the little camera attached to the PC setup for your picture, so you end up looking like an escapee from the institute for the criminally insane. If the license hasn’t lapsed, you can renew by mail or online.

Dude, which Michigan are you talking about? I got my MI license 2 years ago, and they gave me a paper license and mailed out the “real” license a couple weeks later.

I’m wondering if this has anything to do with the type of cards used for the license. In New York it’s a plastic card that’s the same thickness as a credit card, but it’s extremely flexible. It also has watermarks covering the front that appear to be applied after your photo and information has been printed onto the card. I could imagine that the equipment that produces these cards is too expensive or hard to maintain to have one in every DMV office.

I haven’t seen many other states’ licenses so I could be way off base with this, but what are you licenses like? Are they laminated cards, more like a hard plastic credit card, or something completely different?

I have to wait 4-6 weeks for a replacement license to be mailed to me. Got my wallet taken on Oct. 29th. :mad: :frowning:

In Utah up until a few years ago you could walk in and get your license the same day. Now they have changed the procedure so that you get a paper image of the license with your photo, but the actual card is mailed in about 3 weeks. Seems like a step backwards

Both Indiana and Kansas are same day.