Doesn't Trump know he's too thin skinned for politics?

I’m puzzled why Trump is still considering a presidential run?

His thin skin is legendary. He’s had various feuds and blow ups with other celebrities for long as I can remember. He nearly had a falling out with close friend Barbara Walters a couple years ago over Rosie O’Donnell’s criticism of him on The View.

Surely this guy is self-aware enough to know he’s going to get hammered in politics? He’ll self-destruct within a few weeks. We really know nothing about Trumps position on issues. But, it doesn’t matter because his campaign will be all about his reaction & outrage to personal criticism.

If he really wants to contribute then he should do it in a less exposed way. Maybe Secretary of Commerce? But even that job draws public criticism.

His ego is UUUUUUUGE! Can’t get past that to be concerned about anything else.

He’s not seriously running. He’s pretending to run in order to get attention, which he can parley into money through increased personal power and TV ratings.

The Dems should be salivating at the prospect of Trump running as a third party. He’ll split the GoP vote enough to guarantee Obama’s victory.

I don’t think so, he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth but he’s convinced that he’s earned everything he has. No matter what happens in his life he finds a way to think of himself as great and everybody else as lacking. He’s a first class douche and I’d love to see him humiliate himself with a political run, except I don’t think he’s actually capable of feeling shame.

He’s not in politics.

Standard thinking is there is no way he’ll file to run for office. He’d gave to file financial disclosures, and there is widespread speculation The Donald’s net worth is much less than he wants people to believe. If such a thing were revealed it would significantly reduce the value of his “brand”, and cost him real money. I hope he runs just to be shown as the overblown phoney he is, and to be taken down below everyone’s radar.

I can’t comprehend why any news agency is giving this credence (outside of other celebrity gossip).

It’s a testament to how far news has degraded–or revealing how low it’s always been.

(on preview: er, the disgust is that news organizations are giving him air time, not appleciders view)

This Dem is.

Maybe him and Paul could both form seperate third party campaigns. That would be awesome.

It’s a 24 hour news cycle, and you’ve got to fill it with something. People like having things to talk about. I think that’s all it is.

Honestly, I don’t think he could draw votes away from anyone. I think his popularity, in terms of public policy, is all in his own head.

I also think he knows this on some level, or is afraid it’s true, which is why he won’t run. Besides not wanting to do all the required financial disclosure, which would be embarrassing because he’s not really as rich as he claims, he can’t face the idea of a quantifiable rejection on a massive scale. So he won’t risk his ego, which is all he really has (besides a few million bucks).

He has much, much more than a few million bucks. These are his residential and office building holdings. These are the golf clubs he owns. That adds up to much, much more than a few million. To say that he is a billionaire is fair, multi-billionaire, maybe not so much.

But to toss him aside as having a few measly million is bullshit.

appleciders has it right, he’s just throwing this out there to drum up attention for the next season of The Apprentice. He’ll hem and haw and make noise about the various candidates coming to see him to kiss his ring and then say that he can’t run because his colossal hit tv show has him on tv for two hours every week and he’d have to give that up or give equal time to the other candidates and he can’t/won’t do that.

No, those are the things his company has loans on. If I borrow a billion dollars from a bank and make enough to make the interest payments plus a few bucks, am I a billionaire? Net worth-wise, Trump is nowhere near a billionaire.

That is exactly the uncertainty he’s playing on. Everything of “his” is funneled through private corporations, so he does not have to disclose his net worth. He lives like a multi-billionaire, and brags about how much “his” stuff is worth, but what’s the real NET valuation? The answer is not yet in the public domain. If he runs for elective office, he has to file disclosures revealing all. Maybe his net worth is over a billion bucks, maybe he’s so leveraged his net worth is $32.50. He and his accountants know, but we don’t.

IMNAAHO, Trump is clueless enough to think he can just sweep in on his ego, and is too self-centered to admit to any flaws. His lemon-faced attendance at the Washington Press Association Dinner this year shows that The Donald is not ready to be a candidate. I’d laugh all the way to his bankruptcy hearing if he tried.

Prove it.

And let me be clear, I loathe Trump. I think he is a vile human being who bullies anyone he perceives to be weaker than himself, but as this board purports to be about fighting ignorance you can’t just toss off saying “Trump is nowhere near a billionaire” as if it were engraved in stone fact.

Prove it.

Why? You certainly just tossed off a bunch of info, claimed it meant something it didn’t, and would have left it at that if you weren’t called on it.

Why don’t you prove he’s a billionaire? Maybe because you can’t?

This is how dickish Trump is - he makes otherwise reasonable people argumemtative. The Donald wants us to think his net worth is infinite, but only his accountants know for sure. They aren’t talking. The Donald has bragged and blustered so much, that even if his net worth is over a billion dollars, enough people might be disappointed that Trump’s reputation may be weakened, leading to a real reduction in the value of his assets. Leading in tutn to a downward financial spiral for The Donald. He doran’t want this, so he’s keeping his ginances in the private sphere and letting us guess until we’re blue.

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Two possibilities to consider:

  1. He is running for president as a response to previous criticism. “Once I’m president, that’ll prove that bitch O’Donnell was wrong.”

  2. We may have reached a point in our history where some people consider being thin-skinned to be a positive quality for the presidency.

One of them would be a fourth party, wouldn’t it?

That would be an interesting election-within-the-election; the two of them vying to establish the “most viable non-Democrat non-Republican” party for 2016 and later.