Dog Bleeding From Vagina - Need Answer Fast

So, we came home tonight to find a house of poop and blood. I wish I could describe it better, but our 7 year old Bichon has pooped and bled all over the fucking house.



Why are you posting on the SD instead of going to the emergency vet?


It could be a lot of things. Most likely: she ate something hard with sharp edges and now it’s lodged in her bowel, rectum, or anus, slicing it up. NOT GOOD. There should be an emergency vet in your area. Google it!

If it really is coming from her vagina if she is not spayed - it’s probably pyometra, could be cancer. If she’s spayed - I’ve never heard of a spayed dog bleeding from the vadge, she’s probably dying.

I hope you’re leaving for the vet now.

Fer crying out loud, get the dog to a bloody vet, right now.This is completely impossible to diagnose over the internet.

Those symptoms could be caused by anything, including rat poison or a perforation form the bowel through the vagina. It could well result in death within hours.

And I’m not going to apologise for worrying you. You should be worried. Your dog is bleeding from an internal organ and has lost control over its body functions. This is potentially very serious.

I don’t know about the OP, but I don’t have an emergency vet near me. The best we can do is call the vet’s house, and hope to get a hold of her.

While true, its obvious that the OP is already worried. Making them more worried doesn’t accomplish anything. With me, it might even make me panic, and freeze in fear. But, then again, I have an anxiety disorder.

I don’t have an emergency vet very near me either - it’s an hour drive. If my dog was BLEEDING FROM ORIFICES I would drive for 5 hours to try to get her in somewhere.

OK. Hang on. The bleeding is over. We came home after work to the mess, But, apart from the dog looking guilty and lethargic she seems OK now.

So, at some point today she had an episode, and now physically seems OK.

What could have caused the shitstorm?

Are you sure it’s from the vagina specifically, or is the urogenital area in general.

She could have anal bleeding.

I think the consensus is that you would do better to call a 24-hour animal hospital and ask them, than us.

Your description of her current condition in no way impacts the validity of the first few responses to this thread.

And yes, it’s quite likely that the folks at the animal hospital will be just as insistent that you get in there post-haste.

Will you please just call an emergency vet already? My lord. I’m not even a dog owner and I know this.

Lethargic is still worrisome.

Dogs aren’t as quite as skilled as cats at hiding symptoms, but while she may just be winded from her ordeal ( whatever it was and poop + blood could be quite bad as noted above - dogs have penchant for eating things they really shouldn’t ), she also may still have things going on internally. If you are within reach of an emergency vet I’d still strongly recommend a visit. If not, I’d keep a very close eye on her through the night and find one first thing in the morning.

Have you ever had a dog with Parvovirus? It’s a specific unpleasant smell, and of course lethargy and bloody poop are telltale signs of the illness. Take her to the regular vet within the next day or so. If it’s Parvovirus do your dog a favor and put her down, imo. Parvo isn’t always a death sentence but it is a horrible way to go.

Apparently it’s a big money maker for veterinarians because of the constant care needed as well.

[Veterinarian Hat]

Since you describe your dog as lethargic, and given the age and type of dog, I am worried that your dog has a more serious situation than just a little irritated-tummy diarrhea. You at minimum need to call a 24-clinic right now and describe to them what is going on. Ideally, you would swing the pooch by and swallow the emergency fee to have someone peek at the dog and make sure she hasn’t just developed a penetrating GI foreign body or ulcer.
[/Veterinarian Hat]

I’d recommend against that. You have an animal bleeding from an unknown internal point, that has lost control over body functions and is now lethargic. It’s not exactly out of the realm of possibility that it is bleeding internally and/or has a perforated bowel, and will be dead by morning.

Let me put it like this: if you were bleeding from your genitals, had uncontrollable diarrhea and were feeling unaccountably drowsy, would you be waiting until morning to see a doctor?

Parvo virus does not make dogs over the age of 2 years sick. The OP’s dog is 7.

No argument from me. That was just a poor second best if he is nowhere near a 24-hour vet ( i.e. way out in the boonies somewhere ) or a personal vet that would come out for a nightcall.

I’m going to interpret the OP’s current offline status as meaning that he’s out at the animal hospital.

I had a four year old dog with parvo on my (necropsy) table. Very rare, though.

Take the animal to the vet (or at the very least, call one). Not just for what Pullet said, but also hemorrhagic gastroenteritis or some tumors may cause bleeding.

Also, look around the house, see if she may have eaten something she shouldn’t have.

Parvovirus carries a poorer prognosis in young puppies, and is mostly seen in young dogs, but there is no age limit. Any unvaccinated dog is at risk if exposed to parvovirus.

Leaffan: If you or a family member pooped and bled uncontrollably, you would seek medical advice pretty promptly. Same rule applies to pets, and posting on a message board is no substitute. Hope your dog is OK.

Poop related bleeding could be something simple like a burst hemorrhoid from a difficult stool movement that’s backed things up. Save some of the poop for the Vet to test and if possible get a urine sample.