Dog born without front legs, walks like a human - You gotta see this.

Man that looks weird.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I love her!

Well, she’s not Halvsie, but . . .

You know what I love most about animals? The fact that they just take everything in stride and adapt to it. Dog never had front legs, so he just takes it as what is normal. Same as when an adult animal loses a limb suddenly. In seemingly no time at all they just figure that’s how it is and adapt to it. Amazing really.

But man, those hip joints must be under tremendous strain.

That was… amazing.

Good girl! I mean the dog and the dog mamma.

This worries me too. I mean, dogs aren’t built to be bipedal. I didn’t see the end- did they interview her vet, by any chance?

The owner mentioned to the host (Montel Williams?) that they had her hips checked and they’re OK so far.

I’ve seen dogs that have lost use of their hind legs use a strap-on dolly to carry their hind end. Not sure if they could do the same with the front legs.

And they didn’t interview a vet, but the lady did address the hip issue and said, “Her hips are fine”. I don’t know how fine, she’d be in a pickle if her hips did give out. Seems to have a pretty good quality of life right now, all things considered.

Damn, that’s freaky. Looks kinda like a dinosaur (well, how I imagine dinosaurs, anyway).

OK? That dog wiggles its backside like Marilyn Monroe!

There was a goat that did this, too. Its musculature and skeletal structure showed unique adaptations to this mode of locomotion (scroll down).

That’s part of the beauty of this story. The dog doesn’t know he’s not supposed to be walking upright. That’s how he moves, and that’s the way it is. I was trying to be a little more subtle earlier, maybe it was for naught.

The dog isn’t aware of what may happen in a few years. The dog takes what he has and just goes on with life.

The underlying part of my post was that the dog isn’t sitting in his happy home complaining about his fate. He isn’t complaining that in a few years his hips will need to be replaced. He isn’t looking for someone to take care of him after surgery and rehab him.

He takes life as it comes, adapts, and make the most of it.

That’s what I was talking about when I said it amazes me what animals can do. Humans pale in this arena.

I’ve heard of humans born without arms finding amazing ways to adapt as well, actually. For example, this story about a young woman without arms who can even drive a car using only her feet.
I think that it’s a lot harder to adapt to such a disability if it comes later in life, but it seems like many people and animals who are born with serious defects end up coping much better than one might expect.

They could probably give her replacement hips. And I’m going to make a WAG and say that perhaps the muscles in her backlegs are probably extra developed and strong because of this?

My dog has 50% more legs.

I would have liked to see her pee. Does she lift a leg?

For that matter, how does she poop? Mine always hunch up into sort of a squatting position. I can’t imagine she can do that without losing her balance.

God, what a cool dog. Kudos to that lady for taking such good care of that doggy when many people would have just euthanized her.

Looks like Lil’ Brudder found himself a mate.

It almost looks like a demon in a Bosch Hellscape…

[Mr. Burns] I can’t believe they named the dog “Faith.” Obviously, they should have named it Rory Calhoun. [/Mr. Burns]

Ha! He thinks he’s people!

[/Mrs. Krabapple]