Dog Eat Dog debut

What did everyone think?

I like the format, the good looking contestants, and the challenges.

Like Fear Factor, it is conducive to my fast forward button.

I only caught the part with Marilyn Manson on the airborne treadmill, but that seemed pretty cool.

Before watching the show I saw the host on “Today”. She’s obviously easy on the eyes, but she also seemed personable and funny and like she’d be pretty good at the job. In addition to that appearance before watching I read one early review . It was pretty negative and said for the entire show she seemed to be reading the cue cards and wishing the words weren’t so long. Those two impressions seemed to hold true for me watching the program. She was OK when she went off-script, but just awful when she was reading her lines. Liked the outfit, though.
The show itself seemed pretty stupid. The stunts on Fear Factor are at least interesting, but on this show they were boring. The trivia game on the suspended treadmill was funny, but the rest were pretty mundane. Plus the big grand finale challenge was holding onto a bar over a pool with a shower on overhead? Really exciting watching them hang there. The final trivia game was pretty disappointing as well. Somebody “wins” and then has the possibility of losing the money based on some pretty easy trivia questions. They should at least let the last person standing earn points by correctly answering questions, not just by other people missing them.
All in all, I wouldn’t watch it again.