Dog frenched the Baby - should I worry?

As the parents of a 5-month-old baby and a very affectionate puppy, my wife and I try to limit the amount of baby-licking that that the dog does to short, supervised sessions of foot-only licking, with immediate wipe-down afterwards.

But yesterday, the baby was in her pack’n’play playpen, happily watching the dog chew a (nyla)bone. We looked away for a moment, (and as any parent quickly learns, a moment is sometimes all they need to get in trouble), and looked back to our dismay to see the baby with her face pressed up against the mesh side of the pack’n’play, the dog feverishly licking her face, and the baby enthusiastically licking back through the mesh with a smile.

The baby has shown no signs of illness (nor has the dog). And I’ve heard a million times “A dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s,” but I find that hard to believe since she eats things that fall on the floor, and also licks her genitals and anus, and for the most part, humans don’t.

But, if there’s anywhere to get reliable facts about dog/baby tonsil hockey, it’s here. So, anything we should be worried about or watch for?

Ok is it gone-zoe-ron or gone-zor-ron?

Anyway…I’d not worry at all unless your pooch tends ot eat his own feces aor the diapers and such. I asked the vet this very question and she recommended trying to wash the infants mouth with a little water, but don’t go crazy…and that this type of thing happens all the time, and it is rarely an issue. Stay in tune for abnormal symptoms, but other wise this happens all the time and shouldn’t keep you up at night.

Obligatory IANAD.

It’s actually Gonzo(the muppet)-Ron(my name). So the former would be closer.

she doesn’t, although we have to be quick when changing the bag in the diaper champ, since she likes to roll around and lounge on the bag of diapers, and will grab a diaper and run if we’re not careful.

Phew… good to know were not the only ones… Thanks for the advice!

Sounds like the dog was just helping to activate another part of the baby’s immune system.

Yep. Disinfecting every damn thing the baby might come into contact with or washing the baby every time it touches (or gets touched by) something “dirty” is pointless and counterproductive. Children need a little filth in thier lives to stimulate the immune system; they grow up healthier in the long run.

If it makes you feel any better, we used to let both of our dogs lick the baby’s face clean after a messy meal. They did a better job then we did, and she’s still healthy as can be.

From the several zoonotic classes I’ve had: No major concerns provided your dog isn’t actively ill and hasn’t recently spent time with the bodily secretions of other ill animals (ie rolling in poo from sick cattle).

I can dig up the names of the normal bacterial flora found in dog’s mouths, if you really want to drive yourself crazy.

Count me in for having never heard this, ever. Try and objectively define “clean,” anyhow.

And how many humans lick dog genitalia on a regular basis?

I was frenched by a dog once. I was just opening my mouth to speak, and the dog lunged and stuck its tongue way down deep into my mouth. Weird damn thing for that dog to do.

Anyway, I got worms.

Yeah, it was just that one Doper that time.

I hope you didn’t give them to the dog.

My mom used to be terribly concerned about germs while we were babies. That suddenly stopped when she found my brother pulling the pacifier out of the dog’s mouth and into his. We ate a lot of dirt and after that, and here we both are.

Is the dog free of roundworms? Visceral/Ocular larval migrans ( would be a concern. If the dog is free of intestinal parasites, meh.

Only if your baby seemed to enjoy it a little too much.

A dog bit my teeth once. I was fine, and the dog still licks any exposed skin that comes close enough. Don’t worry unless the baby (or the dog) actually gets sick.

Our dog French kisses me a lot.

Now, to clarify, she’s a cuddly little 6 pounder, and an enthusiastic face-licker. If the human mouth is slightly ajar, laughing or gasping or talking to the dog, there’s a 98% chance that dog-tongue will enter human-mouth. I try to keep my mouth firmly closed whilst being greeted and loved, but it’s not always done.

I’m still here.

My husband was playing with her and they were face to face, and the dog was doing her nuzzle-on-our-noses trick, and my husband accidentally bit the dog’s tongue.

I guess we’re a family that needs to learn to close our mouths.

Hon, it’s only a matter or time, possibly weeks, before your adorable child is eating things off the floor. She probably won’t be doing the licking thing because she doesn’t bend that way, but don’t count on her not eating things out of her diaper. A little dog spittle is not a big deal.

Oh my! You mean French kissed the baby. Well, that’s a slight relief.

There are two ways to interpret this:

  1. Humans don’t often lick dogs’ genitals and anuses. Icky, but understandable.

  2. Humans, for the most part, don’t lick their *own *genitals and anuses. This intrigues me. You know of a case when they do? Part of me would like to meet these people, and part of me would like to stay far, far away from them.

There are probably websites. I’m not going to check.


My ex-pastor saw his daughter chewing something while in the yard. He pried open her mouth and retrieved a chewed whole snail.

She survived.