Dog House question

We’re looking to buy our first dog house. I know that each of our dogs would be comfortable in a small doghouse. However, there’s a strong possibility that if we got them each one, they’d ignore one and squeeze into the same one. They share the same doggie bed. They sleep together on the couch and on our bed. They have been together since they day they were born. So, I can’t picture them using separate beds.

I don’t want a doghouse that’s too big or too small. They’re both about 30 pounds but Ginger is taller, longer, and skinnier (and she HATES being cold). Holly is shorter in height and length and she’s stockier. She doesn’t get as cold as Ginger. This photo gives a pretty good indication of their size. That’s a normal couch cushion they’re sitting on.
So, what size dog house should I get for these nutbars?

I wouldn’t worry too much about getting ‘too big’ of a doghouse. I’m guessing that one made for really large dogs should be just fine for both of them: enough room to sleep separate, and just add extra blankets if it seems ‘too big’. I kinda doubt it would seem too big to them, though. They’ll snuggle up if they want to :slight_smile:

ETA: I haven’t had a dog in almost 30 years, though, and never two, so…there’s probably more to double-bunking than I have experience with.

Ok, I’m confused. I keep reading that a too big house will get too hot in summer and too cold in winter. Is that not the case?

Any dog enclosure should be large enough to allow the animal(s) to stand up and turn completely around.

I agree, at least large enough for them to stand up and turn around. But twice that big is still not too big, IMO.

We used to have three dogs in the yard: A Golden Retriever, a Feist and a Chihuahua-Corgi mix. All three dogs used the giant dog house which is big enough for the Golden to move around in. There is another, smaller house right next to the big one made for the two small dogs which they stopped using.

After he died, the two little dogs kept on using the big one. My husband used bales of hay to block up the door a bit.

Now that the Feist has died, the remaining little dog still uses that big house. We make sure to put lots of hay in there in the wintertime. She’s happy as a lark.

Temps here can get to 100 degrees F in the summertime, and mid-20’s in the wintertime.

Maybe I’ve lived in the suburbs or city too long, but why do people use dog houses? Do your dogs live outside? I don’t get that.

kapri- what do people in your area do with their dogs when they can’t be home all day?
Our dogs don’t live outside. BUT, they are still too young and feisty to be left alone in the house for a long time. We have an acre of land so it’s silly to keep them cooped up in a gated area in the house, or in the kennel outside, when we have all this land for them to play on.

So, we’re getting an estimate on a fence tomorrow. However, we do live in New England so the possibility of leaving the house on a warm sunny day and coming home to a cold rainy/snowy day is entirely possible (and has happened many times). We’d like to be able to leave them outside with protection from bitchy mother nature, which is where the dog house comes in.

When they’re older and less likely to kill themselves or destroy our house, we will put in a doggy door so they can come and go as they please. At that point, a dog house wont really be necessary. But for now, if we have to be gone for an extended time, we’d rather give them the freedom to run and play (and poop and pee), while still giving them protection from weather.

Our dog just stayed inside whenever we weren’t there and she never caused any problems. We only went into the back yard with her when she had to go to the bathroom or when we were playing. She was a big dog, too, half-lab half-german shepherd.

Where I live, most people don’t leave their dogs in the yard while they’re gone. It’s not unheard of, but it’s uncommon. I live in Florida, if that matters.

If you have room and a fenced-in area, I guess it’s okay to leave them out (not that you need my permission).

What I don’t understand why people buy dogs and don’t let them in the house, ever. I’m in the process of trying to rescue a dog in my town who lives in a pen in the back yard always. He is never let out of the pen. Never. The pen, or cage, is about 3 by 4 feet, and he never, ever gets out or has human contact. But that’s another story; I just brought it up to explain why I’m sort of sensitive about dog situations.

I don’t understand that either. As far as I know, there’s only one house in my neighborhood that does that, and the dog is in the front yard - behind an electric fence. I can’t walk my dogs down that street because that dog is insane and they’re terrified of him.
Generally my dogs are outside anywhere from just long enough to pee to half an hour and they go out about 5 to 8 times a day. If they’re being quiet and playing, I’ll keep them out longer but if they’re just sitting there staring at the door, or barking at the wildlife, they come back inside (I’ve heard rumors that the guy behind us is a douche so we try to not give him a reason to dislike us because of barking dogs).

We do leave them in the kennel when we both have to leave, but only if the weather is nice. We always feel guilty leaving them in there because it’s only 12’x6’ and we don’t think that’s big enough.

Usually my dogs are in the house though. They spend most of the day sleeping on the couch but 4 or 5 times a day, they have puppy explosions where they run around the house and wrestle with each other, jump on furniture, and fight over their toys.

Right now I take 3 classes online, 1 class about 5 minutes away and the other 3 I take when my boyfriend is home. But, I know that after I finish community college and transfer to a 4-year school, my chances of doing so much from home are going to be pretty small. So we want to make sure the dogs don’t spend their whole lives trapped in the house while I’m at school and my boyfriend is at work.

I grew up on a farm, and I will never be able to understand why people let animals in their house.
My goodness!!

I figure farm dogs enjoy being outside, running around on the farm, and if they need to be inside they can go into the barn. I’m talking about people who tie up their dogs or pen them in the back yard and keep them there. I find that disgusting.

Originally Posted by Susanann
I grew up on a farm, and I will never be able to understand why people let animals in their house.
My goodness!!

I dont care what a dog “enjoys”, or what a cow or a horse “enjoys”, common sense says NO ANIMALS ARE ALLOWED IN THE HOUSE!


I suppose it all depends on what you’re used to. I grew up in the city. In order to get a pet, we had to get our landlord’s permission first and it wasn’t safe for them outside (not in my neighborhood at least). So, if we bought an animal, we did so on the understanding that they would be living in the house.
Then again, my grandmother lived on a farm and while her horses and cows and pigs and barn cats stayed outside (or in the barn), her dog lived in the house.

Regardless, what you’re used to and what we’re used to aside, the type of situation kapri is describing is a whole 'nother issue. Why buy a dog if all you’re going to do is lock them in a kennel or chain them to a tree? Farm dogs have a point in life - they work. House-pet dogs have a point in life - they make their families happy. What’s the point of a dog that spends its whole life captive in a small area like a kennel? Why even bother with a dog if that’s what you’re going to do with it?

Once you’ve settled on the size or your dog’s house, what are you considering in the way of design?

The fenced-in area my dog lives in is large (especially for a small dog like her). It’s about 50 feet by 50 feet. She has a large silver maple tree there, and access to a covered porch as well as the two dog houses.

I think you are referring to a different size pen. I agree, dogs shouldn’t be penned up in a tiny space like that, it’s not good for their mental health.

In the first place, I didn’t buy either one of my dogs. One was a rescue and the other was a puppy from a friend’s litter.

Our dog’s job is “alarm dog”. She’s supposed to raise hell. She does a good job, too.

But again, I don’t think my situation is quite like what you’re talking about.

I don’t care what you enjoy, it’s just common sense. YOU WOULD NOT BE ALLOWED IN MY HOUSE! I hope you understand.

No, it is more than that, it is different than that. Why do you think dogs are not allowed in stores, nor restaurants?

A dog is unhealthy, dirty, unsanitary, can harbor fleas, mites, ticks, disease, it sheds, it rolls around in filth, it never brushes its teeth and it never washes itself, and it licks its a$s.

It is bad enough to be in a house of a human who does/likes/tolerates/sanctions all those things, and I would certainly not go to somebody’s animal house to be exposed to such uncleanliness.

But, some people brush their dogs’ teeth and bathe them weekly. I understand how they would keep them inside. They are members of the family, so to speak, not like the calves out in the barn.

Well! I never! ~folds arms~ ~tries to look stern~

~tries to look like a human who does not sanction fleas and dirt~