Dog lovers, animal lovers, PLEASE HELP.

Sent a donation on behalf of my fave Rottie rescue at our CAAWS shelter, Faith. She came to us emaciated and scarred as well. We don’t think she was used in dogfighting, but she has a long scar down her back, and marks on her head and feet that we believe were put there deliberately. I’d adopt her in a minute if I didn’t have four cats.

I made a donation in memory of my Amos, the sweetest Rott ever. I had to put him down on Monday after 13 years of love and devotion and we’re heartbroken over it. I’ve never had such an intelligent, protective, lovely, fun dog.

I hope Banjo comes through and provides his new people with all of the love and joy that my Amos gave us over his years. A nicer dog I’ve never had.

RIP Amos and good luck, Banjo.
Obligatory pic:

BoBettie, my condolences. What a heart you have, to give in your time of sadness. And what a looker Amos was! RIP indeed, faithful companion.

Reading the first half of the OP I was completely prepared to drive up to NC and adopt him myself! Paypal sending.

For some reason, I can’t get the link to completely load. I’m sure it’s a problem on my end, but whe I can do so, there will be a PayPal donation to this very worthy individual (pooch).

Thank you so much for caring!

How much more does **Banjo ** need to date?

Thanks- he was a gorgeous and intelligent dog. He’s missed greatly indeed.

Banjo is staying for a week or so in a temporary foster home. I’m not sure why, but I suspect it has to do the vet wanting perform a follow-up examination. Things seem to going great! Here is the update. Warning – his name has been changed to Jake! I have no idea why. Banjo is the coolest name ever; he will always be Banjo to me.
*Sun Aug 12, 2007 2:24 pm (PST)
This has been a peaceful Sunday for our “Star Houseguest” in the
XXXXX household! There have been lots of hugs and Rottie kisses and
he so badly wants to play with Buddy the neurotic black lab!

We introduced “Jake” to “Baby Roxy” today and it was all sniffs and
nub wagging! I am hesitant to do too much interaction with all of
them because of the hip…I don’t know why I am worried about it
because he sneaked up the stairs after me yesterday when I took up a
load of laundry and nudged me in the fanny. (A large target to
nudge, indeed!) He then beat me back downstairs with no effort.
I think we have no worries about range of motion exercises, as he
must be feeling better than he has felt in a long time! He is
walking with only a slight limp when he gets tired. I am surrounded
by creatures with prosthetic joints! XXXX XXX has five of them so I
have plenty of experience in this field!!!

He loves to sleep in our downstairs bathroom with his head on the air
conditioner vent. His appetite is still very good, though he does
pass out after he eats, and he no longer feels the need to empty
every dog food bowl in the house! I suppose he is feeling reassured
that he will no longer go hungry!

I have contacted our three local newspapers with the article done in
Hickory with a local update showing the temporary stop here before he
takes that long journey to be with his new Mommy, Beth, in
his “Furever Home”… I will give an update about what transpires
with the local papers! I feel they will jump all over it since this
was such a sad situation with a very happy ending!

We will be going back to VSRP on Friday morning for his post-surgery
follow up and then meeting XXXX in the Washington, DC, area that
afternoon. I know she is excited and I am so happy for both of them!

This has been one of the best weekends I have had in a very long time
and this sweet boy has touched our hearts “Furever”!!! I have even
see XXX tear up a time or two while walking his new buddy!

Woofs and Kisses!
Jake “fka” Banjo and (Name withheld)*

I don’t know. ASAIK, about twenty Dopers have responded. I have raised about $400. My guess would be that we are about $600 - $800 shy. That is a total WAG. I will try to find out more today.

He is at his permanent home, and by all accounts is aces up!

Scroll down.

Thanks to all who contributed to this guy’s rescue. You have touched many hearts with your generosity.

How did I miss this thread??? thwacking self What good news, though!

Is it over?