Dog lovers, animal lovers, PLEASE HELP.

I have received permission from **TubaDiva ** to start this thread.
I work with North Carolina Rottweiler Rescue, a non-profit organization that rescues and re-homes abandoned and abused Rotweillers (along with the occasional honorary Notweiller.) Part of what I try to do is inform people that there is no such thing as a vicious breed, only irresponsible owners. Once in a while a dog comes along that makes my case for me.

Meet Banjo. (Scroll down. Warning, somewhat graphic post surgical image.) Banjo was found walking down the road, smelling of oil and grease, with a rope tied around his neck. His eyeball had been cut. His head and hips had been smashed with a blunt object. There were bite wounds on his back. He was emaciated. Although we will never know for sure, it appears that he may have been involved in a dogfighting operation, horribly beaten, for whatever reason, and discarded. If ever a dog had cause to be vicious, distrustful, and aggressive toward humans, it would be Banjo. And yet … he is a love sponge. Everyone who meets him is wowed by how affectionate he is. He is one of those leaners, who just wants to get as close as he can. Here is a description from his first foster mom.

*Banjo has been adopted by a lady in PA, if some reason that falls through the fire Chief of my town (Hickory) wants to make him the official dog of the fire house. His daughter and grand children came by and saw us at Petsmart Saturday. She called him up and told him Banjo’s story and he called me dinner time. He wanted to come meet him and myself, but I told him no because Banjo was tired out. Apparently they just missed us at Petsmart. So we set up a meeting for Sunday. We met at the Dollar General here in Long View. Banjo and I were sitting on a grassy area when they pulled up. He came out of his big truck and came right over to us, when he saw Banjo he squatted right down with us and began to cry. He hugged him crying and just asked how people could be so cruel. He motioned to his truck and out came his wife, grand daughter, grand son and their two small dogs. We all sat there for about 2 hours talked, cried and loved Banjo. Banjo was wonderful with everyone. I told them that he had an application on him and that they were most likely approved, we just had to let them know the extent of his injuries and make sure she still wanted him. He gave me his business card, wrote his cell number and pager on it. Told me to call him night or day, and to tell his secretary that I am calling about Banjo and she will get him right away. He said if for any reason his adoption falls through he wants to adopt him and make him the Hickory Fire Department Dog! He said he would put a eye patch over his eye and not give it another thought. He told me “no matter what do not put this dog down” I assured him we weren’t going to do that.

I was just taken back by him, a stoic man of about 65. He was the Fire Chief of Las Vegas for 30 years and now here in Hickory! I being a fireman’s daughter know the tragedy that they see on a regular basis. And for the sight of Banjo to move him so much that he literally cried, I was just lost for words. Banjo let him hug him, kiss him, hold his snout, play with his toes, look at his teeth, look in his ears…all the things they do to temperament test dogs. Banjo didn’t even flinch, his little nub just moved a mile a minute the whole time. And for the first time since I have seen him Banjo sat down! He sat right between Tom and myself. I was quite the sight, I am sure people thought we were crazy but oh well, who cares.*

Banjo is having hip/facial surgery today. He has a permanent home waiting for him after he has healed. NCCR operates solely from donations, and how much room the founder has on her credit cards. It looks like his vet bill will be around $2,000.00. Donations can be made via a PayPal link on the website, or by check to

5613 Old Ridge Road
Raleigh NC 27610

Attn: BANJO Surgery
Thanks to all can help. And thanks for taking the time to read this long post.

Paypal sent – hope the little guy comes through ok!

Thank you for posting that story. Will you give us an update later, if that is possible? Like how the surgery went, and how Banjo works out in the new home.

Dog fighters are scum.

Thanks, Hal!
To others, if it is possible via PayPal, try to note that the donation is for Banjo.

Delurking to say thank you to you and everyone you work with. Amazing how animals can take so much abuse and yet able to trust and love again. Now I have to go mop up.

Best of wishes on your efforts, and may you exceed your needs many times over.


Paypal donation sent, marked for Banjo.

One of these days, I’ll get a place all to myself and be able to give a home to one of those sweethearts.

Earmarked and donated.

I’d kind of like to see him go to the fire department as a mascot, it’d be wicked cool to see him in an eyepatch, slobbering love all over everyone he met.

That would be cool.

His adoption to a family in Pennsylvania has been approved. I think that they have paid some of the vet bill. At first, we thought he would need six weeks of rehabilitation before he could be transported; now it may be possible for him to have his rehab up there. All of this is subject to change. My latest info had him scheduled for surgery this afternoon, based on what the latest X-Rays revealed.
Thanks ETF, phouka, Hal, and others who have PM’d me with donations! I will update as soon as I know anything.

Please do keep us updated. I’ll donate when my check comes in next week.

Small donation sent from my dog, Clover. She sends her love to Banjo and all the other doggies who need it.


That poor dog. :frowning:
My donation has been sent. Please let us know how he progresses.

Donation on its way! Keep us posted.

Donation sent. Testosterone-fuelled teenage boy with a hockey stick shall also be sent if you ever find out who did that to him.

I’m a bit down on my luck right now or I would send a donation. I just wanted to send good thoughts to Banjo and to thank you for the work you do.

How could anyone ever do that to an animal? :mad: :frowning:


I’d help, but I’m broke right now. Poor doggie.

I just spoke to the foster coordinator for NCCR. She wants to personally hug each and every one of you. This woman donates 40 hrs. a week at least to the Rotties. She is very very very grateful for the help from SDMB.
Banjo’s surgery was successful. I do not know whether they did any work on his face. I suspect not. He is recovering at the vet, and as soon as he is able will travel to Pennsylvania to his permanent home, and undergo six weeks of rehab.

Thanks again to all who have responded. More money is needed if anyone else is feeling generous. I will update with new info as it comes in.

Small donation sent. I wish I could have sent more. Do keep us updated on Banjo’s progress.

Thank You! No amount is too small.