Dog owners.

I know this thread is about original as a GD thread about religion but … feh.

Last night, from about 1:00am onwards the dogs were barking. Who left the dogs out? (who, who who who).
We have a dog. We let it out to shit and piss. A minute later we let it back in. Why oh fucking why do SO MANY people leave their dogs out for hours on end?

And, why do dogs bark CONSTANTLY? What is the purpose?

fantastic OP. really.

Why do dogs bark.

what is the purpose.

I suspect we’ll get some humanoid dog creatures in here soon enough to answer that question. :rolleyes:

Also, ever heard of outdoor dogs? Some dogs like to run around in the yard, get fresh air, exercise, particularly larger, sporting breeds, who need to burn off excess energy. To just expect them to lay around the house all day is ridiculous.

You know what? That was a totally assholish response from me. I really apologize.

I know how frustrating it can be. Very often it IS the fault of the owner when a dog is in the yard barking for hours on end…but frankly some breeds DO need to be outside and get exercise.

Sometimes an incessant barker is ill or in need of rescuing. Do they seem like they take care of the dog?

Again, sorry for the bitchiness. Long week.

Oh, no problem jarbabyj :slight_smile: I am big and ugly enough to cope with the odd :rolleyes: response.
But I actually do wonder why dogs seem to be the only largeish animals that make constant ‘verbal’ sound. Are they really just saying “I am trapped [in this back yard]. someone come and get me”
And you should be aware of this cos it matters - this is the Isle of Man I am talking about, Like britain, the average back-yard is smaller than the same house’s living room. If the dog were in a large lawn garden then I’d understand and I expect the dog actually wouldn’t bark at all if it was able to run around.

Again, no hard feelings.

(p.s. I wasn’t rolling my eyes at your reply. by :rolleyes: I meant “replies where I get the rolleyes at me”)

One of the dogs (there’s one further up the street too) seems healthy enough. It’s friendly too. But I suspect the owners leave it in the back yard when they g out for the day.

To be fair it could be that the dog is not house trained. Ours (Border collie) can be left indoors indefinately because it is house trained. When she’s done her business she wants to come straight back indoors. She gets regular excercise. And only barks at suspicious sounds from the front of the house.
I know I should be rational and understand…

Dogs bark for a variety of reasons. My yard is large enough for my dog to run in, when he’s out there I leave the back door open so he can come in when he wants to, and still he barks. Sometimes because he sees a squirrel or a cat, sometimes because he wants someone to come out and play, sometimes because someone is walking past the alley, and sometimes for no reason that i can see. Most dogs I’ve known bark when they hear other dogs bark- and that’s what sets off the chorus on my mother’s block. There are ususally at least four (sometimes more) dogs outside- once one barks for whatever reason, they all start.

Did you try throwing something at it?

If so, did you try throwing something heavier at it?

Throwing stuff at barking dogs works a charm, if it doesn’t shut the thing up the owner will taka a hint and stop putting his mongrel out eventually.

My post above was meant for** Lobs**ang, not doreen. Sorry, doreen. I know how you pet people get.

Dogs bark primarily to say be alert and from fear - Desmond Morris, “Dogwatching”

I had to cut short and submit here. The guy had just walked in to take over from me for the night shift.

Anyway I know I should be rational and understand that the dogs are not doing it to annoy me and that they shouldn’t be left out at night in the cold in a tiny back yard but when it’s 1:00am and you are trying to get to sleep and all you can hear is "bark!.. bark!.. bark!.. bark!.. bark!.. bark!.. bark!.. bark!.. bark!.. bark!.. bark!.. bark!.. bark!.. bark!.. <snip hours of same> bark!.. bark!.. bark!.. " you kind of put rationality asside and want to kill or at least scream insults at whoever is responsible.

I have a neighbor with 2 poodles who are often out at 3 in the morning, yapping their idiot heads off. Nothing any of us say convinces them that it’s disturbing.

Another neighbor left his chocolate lab out all night. The dog barked and howled. He wouldn’t believe me when I said so (he was pretty much deaf, and couldn’t hear her himself). Well, first he insisted she didn’t bark. Then he insisted she wasn’t capable of it. And finally he insisted that it didn’t matter if she did, people always had dogs in the neighborhood who barked, and it never bothered anybody. The dog finally found a new home after the poor old man died, and though I miss him, I don’t miss the dog at all.

I think she was bored, personally. Though the howling may have been in response to sirens in the distance.

Habitual, incessant barkers are bored dogs. They won’t stop unless their family decides to start caring enough to pay attention to it.

Maybe if you like dogs, you could offer to take it for a walk now and again? It’s obviously not your responsibility, but maybe you’d be willing to do it for the sake of peace and quiet.

It’s not the dog’s fault, sadly. Blame the owner, the dog can’t help being a dog. =(

Two barking dogs, my friend, is as close to a perpetual motion machine humans will ever see. You should just stand back in awe.

One dog barks (for whatever reason) and the second stupid dog (did I mention that in my theory they were stupid?) barks at the first dog. By this time, the first dog has forgotten he initiated the “conversation”, probably because he’s so startled that he got a response at ALL with the lack of language and all. The second dog completes the never ending circuit because there isn’t much else to do…now is there?

What I don’t understand about this situation, regardless of whether I believe it annoys other people:

I want a dog for a companion and watchdog. I shove him in the back yard where he is lonely and alone. He barks repeatedly as a result. I can no longer tell whether his barks are warning me of a potential threat or lamenting his position. Why is it exactly, that I have a dog?

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! - Gary Larson, “What Dogs are Really Saying”

FYI people. 24 hours later and the same dogs are barking.
I’d get dressed and investigate the source of the barking but I know it will not go smoothly. I think I’ll just shut the window and put up.

If it’s still going on tomorrow I’ll call the RSPCA. At least then I can say I put up with it for 2 nights.

Hey, yeah, exactly.

My ex-neighbor used to have two big German Shepherds, kept in a tiny fenced-in yard that was completely paved with concrete. The dogs were never let in the house, they were never taken for walks, I never even saw anyone really play with them. The poor things were bored out of their minds and they never. stopped. barking.

A few years after we moved in, the neighbor discovered that when you have dogs that bark 24/7, and a car alarm that goes off all the time for no reason, there is basically nothing preventing someone from stealing the brand new 4Runner right out of your driveway.

When you say “let them out”, do you mean out of a house but still inside your yard, or out of your yard?