Dog people - Anyone have a dog ramp?

My dog Bandit is well into his teens, and he has problems getting into the van. I have been looking around on the internet, and there are so many dog/van ramps for sale. Anyone have one, or know a good brand?

We have a GMC Safari mini-van. Some of the ramps are to be used on the side door, and some can be used with the back doors. I like the side door ramp, it won’t seem as steep to Bandit. But then I worry about being in a place where side door access is limited.

Anyone have an opinion?

We have two, but only one has really worked out. Both were built for us prior to the explosion of ramps available for pets.

We have Newfoundlands, two of whom have severe hip dysplasia. But both of them were freaked out by the ramps to varying degrees. Tristan now accepts his ramp- he’d better, because after 4 hip surgeries, he’s not getting in the car without it! Angus, on the other hand, refuses to use a ramp and must be lifted in and out of the back of the car. I did say “Newfs” before, so you can picture the “pain-in-the-ass” factor of lifting a 150 lb dog in and out of the car!

I recommend them in general, though I can’t recommend a brand.

I looked around and bought the PetStep II I hope he likes it. He is used to a ramp, we had to build one for the slight step into our house from our patio. But I don’t know how he’ll feel about such a narrow, steep ramp. He hates being lifted, plus he’s not light (70 lbs). Not as big as your dogs, but I have problems lifting him myself.

I hope it works out!

**Anyone have a dog ramp? **

Yeah, I catch some pretty good air off mine.