Dog saving her puppies. Moms are great.

These photos bring a smile to my face and a lump in my throat. The bravery of a mom helping her offspring. Going back into a burning building and getting those pups one by one.

Then she picks a sheltered spot to cover and protect them. :slight_smile: Way to go mom!

Now that is a good dog.

I saw the pics on Reddit yesterday and have no reason to doubt the story, *but . . . *

Does it seem logical that she would have put the puppies on the cold rough-textured steel of the firetruck compartment, a place that she’d never been before, that wouldn’t have had any pleasant textures or any good smells?

Unless it’s where the Dalmatian usually rides . . .

Dogs LOVE dens. My dog had no reason to start hanging out on the bare floor of the closet in my office when we first moved into my house, but that’s where she chose. She was either there or under the table in the corner of my office every day until she became comfortable with lying in the middle of the floor.

That truck compartment is a perfect doggy den.

Loved this! Thanks for posting it!

Reminds me of that cat mom who did the same thing for her kittens a few years ago . . . except she got badly burned in the process.