Doggy help need

First of all, I promise I’m getting our beloved corgi, Ripley (a 3 yr. old non neutered male) to the vet right after the new year. The vet is away for the holiday and I’d prefer not to see a new one or go to an emergency clinic if it’s not necessary.

When I’m walking him (15-30 minute walks) I notice that the last few pees are very red. No problem the first 4-5 times, but toward the end of our walk, it almost looks deep orange or blood red. Is this normal? He doesn’t seem to be in any pain, he’s eating fine, sleeping fine…all seems fine, but the red pee has me worried. Please tell me what I need the vet to look for. Should I try to “collect” the red urine by blotting it up with a paper towel?

Not normal at all. If your dog is peeing blood, then he could have bladder stones or some other problem in the urinary tract. Definitely get him to the vet right away. I would NOT wait until the first of the year as your dog is likely in pain.

First, IANAD or veterinarian, but:

Just because he isn’t complaining doesn’t mean he’s not in pain. Dogs, like many animals, often hide away and say nothing when they hurt because they don’t want to be perceived by rivals or larger predators as weak and vulnerable.

Anyone who’s ever had a urinary tract infection will tell you these can be very painful. I’ve also known people who didn’t treat a bladder infection promptly, and it spread to the kidneys, which in one case landed the sufferer in the hospital. Definitely not a fun thing.

Oh my gosh, take him to the vet right now!

Don’t wait!

It’s necessary. He’s peeing blood. It might not be at its worst right now because he isn’t peeing the blood until his bladder is nearly empty, but you need to get him help before it gets that bad.

Ditto the “take him to the vet” advice. If nothing else call the vet and see what he/she says about when to bring him in and whether you should get a sample.

I’m a vet and I say - take him to a vet. It would save time if you collected some pee and brought it with you.

I have a corgi also. She recently had the same problem. I took her to the vet. They tested her and found she had a bladder infection. They gave her a prescription and the red in the urine stopped immediately. They told me it was important to treat these infections as soon as possible. Untreated they can get much worse, and take much longer to treat. If you wait much longer, he may start having accidents in the house because things don’t feel right to him.

And on a related note, my corgi started showing signs of this bladder infection about a week after I had to go to the doctor because I had a bladder infection. I had just assumed it was just a strange coincidence. I don’t really know about this stuff. Is there anyway she could have gotten it from me? That just seemed very unlikely to me, but thought I would ask anyway.

To collect a speciman, what I’ve done with my dogs is follow them around with a pie pan and slide it under them when they start to urinate.


I agree with everyone that you should get your dog in to the veterinarian as soon as possible. As far as a urine sample, the veterinarian can insert a catheter and collect a clean sample. Collecting a dirty urine sample might not provide your veterinarian with a true picture of what is going on.

Good luck and keep us posted on what the veterinarian found out.

By the way, I am not a vet, but worked for one for many years. If Long Time First Time says to get a urine sample to save time, then follow that advice…but in case you are having problems getting a sample, I wouldn’t wait to do so. The vet can do it very easily.

It’s times like this that I am glad I am human and can easily use those stupid little towlettes for my doctor. Catheters…ack! :eek:

Thank you all so much for the quick replies. I will attempt the collection today and get Ripley in somewhere first thing tomorrow. Should I refridgerate the urine? Hope noone mistakes it for some holiday lemoncello! I’ll let you know what the vet concludes.

Good news on the update! Ripley apparently has an enlarged prostate. The urine was sent out for analysis, but the vet said he’d have blood in his first urine and be in more discomfort if it was a bladder infection. He got a lovely rectal exam :eek: and 2 shots, one anti-inflammatory, one antibiotic and pills to take at home. We go back on January 4 for a recheck. Thanks again for all your help!

Another update, the Dr. called and said the urine test came back with bacteria and crystals in it. Crap. I’m to keep up the antibiotics, but Ripley may have to go on prescription food. He currently eats Iams. Does anyone have any food recommendations? Does this mean he’s got kidney stones? We’ll be seeing the vet on Wednesday. Thanks for keeping this corgi owner calm.

Glad to hear you got your puppy to the vet. These things can seem so scary since the pets cannot tell you what’s wrong.

We feed all our animals (2 dogs, 1 cat) Iams Eukanuba. It’s pricey, but some of the best stuff you can feed them. The crystals (IME) form when you feed them whatever the cheapest brand is. We had a cat in my first apartment years ago who would get UTIs, the vet told us to shell out the extra cash for better food. He knew exactly what brand we were using too.

I hope your doggy feels better very soon!


Pink Maribou, I guess you missed the line where I said he only eats Iams. :wink: Thanks for the best wishes. I can’t wait until Wednesday to get to the bottom of this.

There are prescription diets that your vet can recommend. I forget which ones are which, but Hills Science Diet has a special food for everything there is a special food for. Fortunately, you have a corgi, not a St. Bernard as sometimes they are pricey. I’m sure that someone will come in and tell you that Hills is evil and you should procure fresh game for your pup, but when I used to work at a vet clinic, we made many very unhealthy pups feel much better long-term with the right foods. Remember, the additional price of special food is cheap compared to what you probably just spent at the clinic. I hope your little guy is feeling better.