my husband took our family dog out while I was away from home and put him in his truck and drove him to another area and shot and killed him…buried him. Then for the next 7 months, lead me to believe that he ran away… I am separated from him at this time…but what can happen to him? Doesn’t seem to be any laws on the books that I could find that would do anything of importance to someone who would cold heartedly take his wife’s dog…put a gun to his head and pull the trigger…then just with no feeling, dump him in a hole and cover it up. I went for 7 months hiring drones, boats, people were hanging fliers, there were news articles, grid searches, police reports, animal control reports…over 60,000 hits on his facebook page…what can the law do to him… I can not look this man in the eye without seeing the evil thing he did to my dog and the emotional and mental torture I’ve been put through because of his actions. What do I do now?

You already asked this.

Seems he had a proper burial.

Therapy, divorce, and a new dog. You’re just going to have to hope karma offers up a true and just reward because the law isn’t likely to help you in this. Nothing can change what happened but you can make sure done good comes out of it; adopt a dog from a shelter and give it a good life, or volunteer at/donate to a shelter and help a bunch of dogs who really need it. Your ex’s act of cruelness to your dog can’t be erased, but wouldn’t it be amazing if it resulted in many other dogs being saved or helped?

There were news articles, police reports, and grid searches because of a missing dog?

Grid searches, drones and boats etc.? For a missing dog? Seems a bit improbable.

You had us going there for a while but you had to go over the top.

Who is “glover” and why do you want to do him?

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