I buried my ex-girlfriends dog today.

It’s hard to smile right now. I started a comedic halloween themed thread to cheer me up, but I still have a hard time smiling. This one’s real, not a joke, and not even remotely funny.

We broke up about two weeks ago. My decision. We were always fighting and I just couldn’t handle it any more. She had broken up with me plenty of times, and then always came back the next day. This time I broke up with her, and I meant it. Still do, I suppose, but she knows I’m still her friend.

About a week ago she adopted a rescue dog from the humane society. Jet black gorgeous 40 pound mutt about 2 years old. A bit skittish though. She’s walking the dog the night before last, and gets startled by a car whipping around a corner way too fast. The dog pulls out of her collar and bolts. I live just up the street and my ex knocks on the door at 12:30 AM. She hasn’t been leaving me alone since we broke up, but what can I do? She lost her dog. She doesn’t have a car so we hop in my truck and go looking for the thing. No luck. Couldn’t find her.

'Till this morning.

Bashfull was hit by a car. And left. On the side of the road. Who has to bury her? I do. And I did.

Like I said, it’s hard to smile right now.

That was kind of you, Monkey. Poor Bashful.

Awww, shoot. For all of you.

I’m really sorry, Monkey. It sounds like you’ve had an awful couple of weeks, and I hope things get better for you.

Based on the expected response, though, I think this thread will do better in MPSIMS. I’ll move it over.

I don’t even know what to say to stuff like this. Condolence seems like little consolation. I always feared a similar thing happening to my cats if they were left to wander too long in the backyard so I’m always a bit paranoid about letting them do their thing. I just broke up with someone under a similar dynamic (my decision) although she doesn’t live near me and has left me alone. It’s not easy even under normal circumstances, and this seems like anything but. I guess when it rains it pours.

Keep your head up, mate.

Even though you are no longer a couple, you did what a friend would do for a friend.

Poor Bashful.
{{{A Monkey with a Gun}}}

Poor doggie, she finally gets adopted and then a horrible accident :frowning:

That was very nice of you to do. You are a true gentleman.

You’re a good guy, Monkey.

You’re a good man.