Dogme Films

Does anybody remember a story from a few years ago that Thomas Vinterberg had left the Dogme Film Movement because of Steven Spielberg’s involvement? I think there was a short article in Sight and Sound about this. This would have taken place around the winter of 1999/2000.

What has been Spielberg’s involvement with Dogme?

None, as far as I know, other than expressing an interest.

I can’t say I remember hearing anything about this, but I’ve got a few S&S backissues, so I’ll try taking a look…

I saw an interview with Vinterberg in which he said that he jokingly encouraged Spielberg to do a Dogme film. Spielberg said he was actually interested in the idea. Later in the same doc Von Trier jokes that if Spielberg has made a Dogem film of course no one would know it since the director of any Dogme movie is supposed to be uncredited.

It’s pretty intriguing to me that for every Dogme film made so far, the director is known. Lars Von Trier even threatened to sue the distributing company when they added light in post-production to “the Idiots”. Wouldn’t they have to take it to the logical extreme and not make themselves known altogether? Or is this a copyright issue?