Euty Meant Something Else

In Euty’s otherwise enlightening treatment of TBWP in this week’s mailbag column, point number 15 says “Steven Spielberg did it in a fit of jealousy.” Pardon me, but don’t you mean “George Lucas”???

CKDextHavn adds: And the link to Euty’s enlightening treatment is: Is the “Blair Witch Project” a true story?

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George Lucas would have worked as well for the joke, but I wasn’t specifically referring to TBWP upstaging “Star Wars.” The point was to contrast TBWP with almost any big-budgeted, Hollywood promoted “major event” film and Spielberg just seemed to me to be the paradigm of that sort of movie.

Saint Eutychus

OH I get it. Thanks for the clarification. I guess I missed it.

Paradigm? Eut, you’ve been to too many new age seminars lately. . .