dogs and anesthetic

I love my dog to death but she is very sick.

Today when i got back from school my parents brought our dog home from the vet after getting her hair cut. The vets need to put her under to cut her hair or else they cant actually cut it because she has become very defensive in the last year. She was whining which is not very unusual given her state (both ears infected, recently had an eye infection, semi blind/deaf). Anyway I put her out and walked out to see how she was doing… She was going to the bathroom and fell over, and when she got up she began to spin in circles. She spun in about 15 circles by the time I got over to her and showed no sign of stopping. Can anesthetic cause this, or is this a result of her ear infections? I know inner ear problems can cause balance issues, and she has tendencies to fall over regardless of whether she just received anesthetic or not…

She has had ear infections which wont go away for 11 months now. I think she had some serious damage done to her ear at some point from them.

Call your vet.

Definitely call your vet ASAP.

(Never heard of anesthetizing a dog for a hair cut…seems rather extreme but whatever…call your vet)

That doesn’t sound like a very happy life for the doggy. At some point, you have to decide whether a peaceful death is more merciful than enjoying each others’ company. Everyone makes that decision a different way.

I’ve heard of vets using anesthesia to brush a dog’s teeth. I also know someone who lost their (perfectly healthy) family pet because of that; anesthesia always carries some risks, even when it’s used for a routine procedure.

Is your dog a breed that just absolutely has to be groomed or else hygeine problems set in? Because it sounds to me (a random anonymous Internet poster who’s never laid eyes on your dog) that it might be time to let the grooming thing go. If it has to involve anesthesia, and your dog is in fragile health to begin with … I dunno, I’d skip it from here on out.

Hoping that by now, you’ve already talked to your vet and let them know about the symptoms. To answer your OP specifically, yes, anesthetic can cause all sorts of weird side effects, up to and including sudden death.