Dogs are superior to cats.

They are bigger and stronger.

They can pull sleds.

They can guide the blind.

They can rescue kids from burning buildings.

They can smell bombs.

They can fetch dead ducks.

What, all the abortion threads weren’t fiery enough for you?

Cats can do all those things.

They just can’t be arsed to.

Cats are smart enough to get all the perks dogs do without demeaning themselves by working.

I don’t have to walk around the yard, picking up my cat’s poop! Plus, my cat has never dragged used tampons out of the trash and strewn them about the house!

The dog thinks: My human loves me, brings me food, shelters me, protects me, keeps me clean, warm and comfortable. He must be a god!

The cat thinks: My human loves me, brings me food, shelters me, protects me, keeps me clean, warm and comfortable. I must be a god!

A dog is the only creature that loves others more than it loves itself. Dogs win.

It hasn’t?! What good is it then?:dubious:

In your dreams. Dogs are pets. Cats are gods.

Dogs are cool, but they’re needy and they can’t purr for shit. Although they will eat it. Or roll in it.

I have one of each, and I love my dog, but she’s more work.

This confirms the OP. Thread over.

My dog does her best to purr. OK, she sounds more like a miniature wookie, but she sure is trying.

Cats can smell bombs too.
They just won’t tell you about them.

Cats don’t need to pull sleds; that’s what dogs are for (and they’re happy to do it).

Cats think the blind can guide their own damn selves; it encourages independence.

Cats rescue themselves from burning buildings; anyone who stays behind might as well be asking to perish.

As KRC noted, cats can smell bombs, but they’re too busy getting the hell away from them to bother announcing the bombs’ presence to others.

And finallly, cats EAT dead ducks - none of this “bringing a free meal to others.” WTF?

Dogs make things waaaay too easy for their owners.

Dogs are bigger and stronger than a tiger? I don’t think so, bub.

Cats can fetch dead sparrows.

Cats can bend themselves into any position you can come up with.

Cats can sleep in any position you can think of.

Cats are always up for joining you in a nap.

I had a dog who purred like a cat. His name was Ringo and his tongue was pink and green.


“Cats are intended to teach us that not everything in nature has a purpose.” (Garrison Keillor)

We had a cat that did. Of course, my sister would never acknowledge that preventing the cat from getting at them was her job and felt it beneath her to clean up afterward.


A home without a cat–and a well-fed, well-petted and properly revered cat–may be a perfect home, perhaps, but how can it prove title? – Mark Twain

Big plus: cats are self-cleaning. Their saliva even has anti-bacterial properties.

Oh, and PlainJane? I’d say it disproves the OP, due to sheer coolness. (Am I making any sense? It’s late at night).