Dogs 'n' shit

My dog, who is extremely sweet but immensely stupid, has a new hobby. When she goes out (she spends most of her time soozing inside) she will do her thing, and then come back with a rock hard frozen turd, obviously several days old, and deposit it on the doorstep, with a very proud look on her face.

Now, I’ve had dogs who have brought me dead carcasses of various sorts, which I don’t particularly mind, but this is a little strange.


  1. Why is my dog scavenging her own turds?
  2. How do I get her to stop.

Dog stats:
60 pounds.
Brown with some black on her back.
Very dumb.

Very dumb? Dumb like a fox! Your dog is attempting to pull her own weight by cleaning up. With practice, her proficiency will increase. I’ve seen this before. Within 6 months, she will be doing dishes. Within a year, minor carpentry and small engine repair. Most dogs, once they’ve begun to follow this path of responsibility, end up after a few years in a position of power and privilege, usually in government or big business. Naturally, they usually work behind the scenes due to the general public’s specieism when it comes to such scenarios. Consider yourself blessed.
Today’s dog turd toter is tomorrow’s mover and shaker.

My dog’s already doing moinor carpentry

[bad joke alert]
Whenever I yell at him he makes a bolt for the door.

Possibly your dog is descended from that noble and often overlooked breed, the shiteater.

Then again, probably not.


Sounds like you need to take her to places where she can smell and hopefully not enjoy the scents of other animals and bring those home…

What I mean is, if you aren’t getting her out in the world enough, rather than keep her kooped up in her yard, she may need to sniff, smell and be amongst the nasty dogs that leave their turds on the trail. Honestly, the only time my male has ever done that was when he needed to be out and about. He would hurd up the cat poops from the litter box, leave them in a nice little place for me to step on them! A sign that he needs more than a romp in the backyard.

So if nothing else, try taking your dog to a place she’s never been, and if possible without the leash. My Kodi loves romping in places where we are near one another but without the leash. Just don’t do that near a cow heard or a dead deer…they roll in that nasty stuff. OY, the times I have had to pull back my puking heaves from him rolling in something stinky. < grin >