Dogs - one vs. two?

Just an idle thought for now, but… Would a second dog make my life easier, or harder? I’ve got one dog now, not much more than 1 yr old. She doesn’t enjoy being alone all day (who does?), even though I go home for lunch. And when I am home she constantly begs for attention - she’s even taken to whining or barking to get my attention. Of couse I enjoy the company but I keep wondering if she’d be happier with a friend.

I’ve never had 2 dogs but I’d LIKE to.

I think they enjoy the company. But recall all the time you’ve spent having to bring her up from a puppy - you’d have to do that over again if you got a new puppy.

Then again, I’ve seen “second” puppies behave much better more quickly than “first” puppies.

Also remember there’ll be some territory issues, schedule issues (what your current pup expects vs. what she’ll be able to get when she’s 1 of 2), twice the food and vet bills…but twice the fun :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

If I didn’t live with 3 other people who give my dog attention all day, I think I’d definitely get Dolly a little pup to play with. She’d be happier IMHO.

And of course you can forego the puppy part and get a rescue dog…which sometimes comes with its own issues but sometimes can work out easier than a new puppy.

If you have the room and can afford the upkeep, it’s great to get a second dog. Dogs are social critters, and they are usually much happier if they aren’t all by themselves.

For a while we had an “only dog” (in a house with several cats). When we added another dog to the household, our older dog perked up considerably.

I think that’s what I would do if I were to get a second dog. My current dog is a rescue too, adopted at around 1 yr of age.

Upkeep shouldn’t be a problem, if I cut back on some hobby expenses (which I’m perfectly willing to). Space might be a problem - we (the dog and I) live in a 1-bedroom apartment. Would a small dog work, do you think? :wink:

I have two dogs, one that will shortly be 15 and the other one 3. From the con side of things, my experience has been that if you have one dog, you might as well have two. You still have the same kind of responsibilities and limitations. On the pro side, well, it’s double happiness. The dogs get a little pack so they’re happy; you get two animals who think you’re god. What coud be better?

We’ve got 2 dogs. They’re rather large. Luke is 50 lbs. and Maya is 80 lbs. They live inside with us, and the 4 cats (which also are all living inside with us). I just make sure I get the vet appointments for the dogs at the same time and the vet appointments for the cats at the same time. Makes things much easier.
There’s really no more of a problem having an extra dog thrown into the mix. We enojy having them here. We think of them as our furbaby children. :slight_smile:
I’m 43 years old and have NEVER been dogless. I can’t imagine what that would be like. I DON’T want to know, either! Having more than one dog is great!! Ours are all rescue animals. They’re wonderful, loving pets.

We had one dog for about a year. He never chewed up anything or destroyed anything around the house, but we could tell he was lonely. Both of us working full time. So we kept our options open. We thought about getting an unaltered female so they could procreate and we’d have a houseful of puppies. That was not meant to be though.

A friend saw an ad in a local university paper and gave us the number. They were selling a female chihuahua (our male is a chi too), she’s fixed, but beautiful. She has some personality issues, very dominating, but our male loves it. He’s much happier with a companion his size. They play all the time, fight, and groom one another. And that’s just priceless.

If you’re home a lot, you don’t have to get another dog. But, IMO, if you work full-time outside of the house, it makes them happier to have someone to play with.

Happy puppies.

Dogs, as with all animals, have personalities, so you would be taking a chance that there might be a problem.

However, I’ve often had 2 dogs and it never seemed to be a problem.

We had our beagle Jasmine for about 2 years before we got our cocker spaniel, Mickey. The only real difference in Jasmine is that she barks now. She never barked before, but with Mickey doing it, she has picked it up.

Which can be very annoing, but also make us feel a bit safer knowing no one is coming in the house without us knowing it.

You probably knew I was going to say this, but it depends on the dog(s).

Two dogs are not much more work than one–if your dogs get along. If your dogs don’t get along, having two of them will be more than twice the work of one. It’s the new math!

Of course, Zoe will have to be your first consideration–is she pining for a larger pack? If so, would she be happy to have another dog in the house or would she be happier with some other type of companion?

I know you’ve been taking Zoe to PetSmart and training–does she seem to get along well with other dogs? Did the shelter mention if she was used to being around other dogs? Some dogs are dog aggressive and being a beginner you probably don’t want to deal with fixing that problem, so if Zoe doesn’t seem to like other dogs, you may want to consider a different companion for her. How does she feel about cats? Our dogs love their kitties–Shane has been adopted by one of the cats. On the other hand, some dogs despise cats.

If she seems like she’d get along with another dog, you’ll have to be careful choosing the next one to make sure they’ll get along. If you’re going the rescue route again, you may be able to arrange visits between Zoe and the prospective buddy to find out how compatible they are. Bringing in a younger new dog sometimes can work better, but again, it depends on the dogs.

I prefer having more than one dog. They just seem happier if they always have part of the pack around them; IME few dogs are content as loners.

That may be true about going from one dog to two, but it ain’t the case when you go from two dogs to three! For one thing, even if you live with a roommate or SO, you’re wayyyyyyyy outnumbered! For another, the three-dog dynamic is just a little wacky. My mom says the same thing happens with children: two kids can get along just fine and play all afternoon, but add a third, and there’s trouble. :wink:

But that wasn’t the question. So as for the OP, yes–go for a second. They’ll keep each other occupied while you do your toes. :slight_smile:

We’ve had two dogs for about a year, and I have a friend who has had two dogs for several years. My feeling is that two dogs is not just one dog + one dog, if you know what I mean. Their power for getting in your way and making noise increases exponentially. But it’s fun and I don’t think it’s unmanageable.

Depending on Dog #1’s age, you may want to look in to a solitary-tolerant breed for Dog #2.

Some breeds are much better at being left alone then others…

Multiple dog owner here . At this time I have 2 Papillons (little) and 2 Gordon Setters (big) , and am getting a 3rd Gordon the end of the month . A big part of the question can be answered by your dog’s preference .

My Papillons are snobs . They would MUCH rather be only dogs , especially the male . If they have to share their space with another dog , it HAS to be another Papillon . No exceptions shall be made . I kid you not . It’s like they have their own little Secret Society . They recognize other Papillons , and only want to associate with them . As far as they are concerned , my Gordons can eat shit and die .

The Gordons , on the other hand , are highly social beings , that love everyone , dog , human , cat , whatever . They crave companionship , and to keep one Gordon without a doggy friend would be almost cruel .

With 2 dogs , double yout food bills , vet bills , supplies , everything . But at the same time , you MORE that double the fun you’ll have with two , the love you’ll recieve . I personally say GO FOR IT !!! :smiley:

All the other dogs in our training class were very shy and unsocialized, so it was a bit hard to tell. Zoe seemed very relaxed though. She did bark at other dogs, but the trainer didn’t think she was being agressive - “just being a teenager” and “she thinks it’s funny” were her (trainer’s) words. I’ll seek her opinion next time.

Do Collies and Shelties generally do well with other dogs and other animals?

I don’t know - I’ll see if I can arrange for a cat. And I will of couse be careful which dog (or cat) to bring home.

Is there any preference on whether a male or female would work better?

You could also think about Doggy Day Care if you’re worried about your dog being lonely during the day. I take my puppy to one. They play games with the dogs, train them, and generally see to it your dog is happy and tired by the end of the day. Most cities have them now.

I looked into that, but the only ones I could find were in the other side of town, at least 1/2 hour round trip. I’d rather spend an extra hour walking Zoe than taking her to/from day care.

OMG, this girl is just too cute! I’m so tempted to take Zoe to meet her…

I’ve read that, generally speaking, opposite gender dogs tend to co-habitate better than same-gender, but there are many exceptions. Here’s a good link on introducing a new pet to one you already have.

I’m thinking of adding a second dog, too. I currently have an 11 year old Norwegian Elkhound and will probably be getting a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy at some point.

Dogs are like testicles, in that you should aim for two.

Another vote for two dogs if you can handle it. There are so many dogs that need homes, and in all likelihood, Zoe will be happier. My two dogs play and wrestle and run around the yard together; they’re lots of fun to watch.

One of my previous dogs escaped from the yard and was killed by a car. The other dog (Kiki) was miserable. She moped around and kept going to the window and whining. So I got her a puppy . . . and she hated him (he was a pretty obnoxious puppy). Eventually, however, they became best friends.

If Zoe seems to get along with all other dogs, it shouldn’t matter what dog you get. If Zoe often expresses hostility toward certain other dogs, you might want to let Zoe help you pick the new dog.

We were concerned about our dog being lonely and bored during the day too, because we both work full-time.

We got a cat last fall, and he and the dog are amazing buddies - they keep each other entertained for hours (both pets are indoors all day) … when we take the dog out, the cat is waiting by the door to welcome her back and start some more wrestling.

It’s pretty cool. Our house is just too small for 2 dogs, so this worked out perfectly.

Oh - we didn’t get the cat to keep the dog company - we got him because we really wanted a cat - the fact that he and the dog are like brother & sister now is just a very lucky fluke!!!