Dogs shit! In case you were thinking of getting one...

I’m guessing my neighbor has pretty much stopped picking up her dog’s shit! Judging by the smell in my backyard and the site of her backyard, there has to be at least 45 lbs of shit out there.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s cool and all, but damn! She has two capable kids in their teens! Make it a chore!

Why some people have dogs is a mystery to me. I think her dog is embarrassed! I finally asked her to deal with it today. Its cooling down soon and I’m going to be ready for backyard cigars soon.

“Sorry! I haven’t gotten to it lately.” Yeah, for about a year!!!

Do dogs mind stepping in dog shit?

You don’t have to tell me twice. Shit and vomit and bad breath and dander and fur are all good reasons not to get a dog.

I’m glad I have a very, very large yard, very, very small dogs and we feed them high quality dogfood. The only time the yard smells bad is during the spring thaw. They have shoveled out spots in the yard and they like using the plowed (very, very long) driveway. Come the thaw the yard spot reeks until the first really good rain and the mountain of snow/gravel/grass and dog poo at the end of plow spot reeks until about the third really good rain which dissolves the mountain. It can take a while for us to have very good rains and sun…

We’re out in the country so don’t really have to worry about neighbors and we don’t hang out in the yard much (swampy river bottom area= mosquito heaven).

I never minded a dogs breathe. Considering the places they put their mouth it could really be a lot worse. And when no one else wants to kiss you your dog is always willing to lay it on hot and heavy. :wink:

A few years ago I got a puppy. Puppy! Puppies are fun! On the one hand I was really happy to have a puppy, as I am now really happy to have a dog. I need a dog.

On the other hand, welcome to picking up dog shit. On average 3X a day, 365 days a year, except leap year when it’s 366 (or something like that), times lifespan of the dog, which for my breed (Border collie mutt) is (hopefully!) 15 years. Yeah, I’m going to be picking up literally a ton of dog shit. But it is worth it.

It is also worth it to scoop it every time and not let it build up.

Can it be composted or treated to use as fertilizer?

Really? I’ve never had a dog but that seems like a high frequency of shitting. How can people who have jobs even manage to do that? (assuming one DOESN’T have the ability to keep them outside, like living in an apartment and whatnot)

Frankly, I think they make cigars out of it. I think the neighbor’s dogs are probably protesting the second hand smoke and the smell, the terrible smell.

My dog can turn one pound of food into 5 pounds of shit. Fortunately he only poops once a day.

Only if you hate dogs.

I love my dog, so I willingly pick up his crap in the back yard. I use something like this so I don’t have to bend over or get my hands close to the poop.

Vomit? My dog’s been healthy. I can’t remember the last time he puked.

Bad breath? My dog eats dry food and his teeth are healthy. His breath smells no worse than mine.

He does shed, but I have a vacuum cleaner and I’d be using it whether or not I had a dog.

I’ve had dogs for 40 years and the love and devotion I’ve had from them has been worth a little extra work.

My dog poops about twice a day. I don’t pick it up every day, but 2x a week, just before trash pickup day. He doesn’t crap that much and he’s an 80 lb. retriever. Three or four days’ worth of poop fill up less than half of a plastic grocery bag.

Not really. Even the “good” (not “great”) dogfood I feed my ankle biters has too much “something” in it from the meat that makes it not ideal as fertilizer.

There is the doggie dooley but I am guessing that it can only be installed in the outside of regulated space, much like where I live (unincorporated).

And, even with it, you wouldn’t want to use carnivore/omnivore poo since parasites can withstand composting.

Use it to run a lamp:

Presumably need more than one dog, though.

Check with your city/County health department. At our old place it was a county health dept. law that if you lot was under a certain size you had to pick it up for disposal or its ticket time.

My neighbours have a very tiny yard - about 30x30, concrete and two large dogs. They walk them, and clean the yard regularly, but not often enough. I don’t smell the shit too often, but the smell of dog piss on a humid day fills the air.

I have two large dogs - I walk them twice daily, so most of the poop gets ‘stoop and scooped’ into a garbage can at the park. Years ago, someone called the city on me because there was poop in the yard. (Pretty sure it was the woman who walked by first thing in the morning, saw my dog pooping in the yard near the street and started ranting about me needing to clean it right then and there. I told her, less than politely, that I would get to it later) The inspector came out, told me the yard was acceptable and left.

If your neighbour’s yard is so bad you can smell it, and the dog is wading through crap piles, I would think a call to whatever local authority deals with that is in order, both for your sake and the dog’s.

We have 2 acres fenced and a pug. I have no idea where in the yard she poops because I never see it - I’m assuming she heads into the woods. We never smell it and have never walked in it.

Even when we had 2 dogs (one being a border collie mix) they would head into the woods to do their business, except when the snow got deep and we shoveled a small clearing closer to the house. We’ve been lucky!

I heard on these boards that “kiss” is the dog seeing if you killed something and could he have some of it.

Depends what your definition of “love” is. And “devotion”.

Same here. As long as you’re teaching a dog a trick (eliminating outside) you might as well make it a more specific/useful trick. I taught our dogs to eliminate in a specific area, namely one corner of a 2 acre meadow 100 yards away from our house.

If you have a small yard, teaching the dog to eliminate in one spot that you landscape to make cleanup easier is simple to do.

Also, training to eliminate with a command comes in handy. Our dogs come to work with me everyday. If things are busy at work, I just have to take the three of them out for 30 seconds. I say, “go pee” and all three squat and urinate in unison.

Ok… you have made it clear you hate dogs, and also that you have no idea what you are talking about.

Dogs “kiss” for many reasons, and one of the major ones is showing affection.

Just Google any of the many thousand videos on-line about dogs being reunited with their owners and tell me that isn’t a blatant display of “love” and “devotion.”

My understanding is that dog poop has too much meat content to be good compost. Horse poop, on the other hand, is great compost, as the soil in my garden shows.