Dogs use Earth's magnetic field ...

… to poop.

A new study shows that dogs align themselves along the magnetic poles when they do their thing. I would imagine this would be a potential lifesaver if I am lost in the woods with a dog.

Science marches on.

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Crap. That is twice I have done this. May as well close it then…


I have brick, hardwood floor, and carpeting in my house.

If the dog, when she has the occasional accident, could magnetically align her ass over the brick it would be so much better. Instead the megnetic ass-lines seem to be over the damned rugs.

The puke ones may be there too. My dog will leave the tile floor room to walk into the living room to puke on the carpet. I’ve actually tried to catch/stop her and she quite skillfully dodges around me to get to the carpet. SpotBot is our only salvation.

My Danes must be trapped in Earth’s magnetic field, because it holds them pressed to the couch all day.

Cooper seems to be immune to magnetic fields, as his directions seem random

Either that, or he’s picking up interference from sunspots, yeah, that’s it, sunspots…

Just seven hours ago, I witnessed two pooping at the same time, facing 45 degrees apart.

I had two dogs who went back-to-back alongside a busy street in Atlanta. I should have bookends made to commemorate the event. :slight_smile: