Dogs! Woof Arf Woof Aka Best Dog name

Sorry got a little carried away

What was or is the best name for a dog cant or animal

I had a mouthy cat I called Screamin Jay Hawkins (if you don’t know the singer look him up) Perfect name for him

Maddison – best name, best dog! She’s cute too!

We have a dalmation named Spot. …also a rowdy black tomcat named Tyson.

Contestant #3

The two best names I’ve heard so far are

The worst name for a dog I heard was on the Brady Bunch. They named their dog TIGER? That is like buying a cat and calling it WOLF

We have a cat named Sovtek. He’s named after my husband’s tube amp. Sigh.

No offense but if the dog’s name is Spot shouldn’t the cat be called “Puff.” :slight_smile:

The current dog, a yellow lab, is named Murphy.

If we ever get another dog, it will be named, " Your Highness." As in, " Would you like to go for a walk, Your Highness."

Gotta Lab/Chow named “Rikki”. Gentle as a lamb. LOVES to play in water!

I’ve got a friend who’s poodle is “Debbie”.

In high school I knew a guy who had a AA/FD and his german shepard was named “Nitro”".

My much loved beagle/basset was named Hector, may he rest in peace.
The woofer who now shares my life is a big black/brindle Lab/Shepard mix. She looks like a killer and is the gentlest, happiest dog who ever lived. Name: Baskerville.

The best names suit the dog. A friend has a dog who is extremely timid. I mean, this dog is afraid of trees, doors, air, everything. So my friend named her Reilly, after Sigourney Weaver’s kickass “Alien” personna.

She wanted it to be an inspiration. Hasn’t worked, but it’s a damned clever name.

I call my cant “jargon”.


We had a great little bassett named Bill (short for Bilbo, 'cause that was who he was shaped like), and now we have a Shar-Pei named Doobie and a bulldog named PeeWee, which could be the WORST name I’ve ever heard of for a dog.
Incidentally, we have a cat named Spot (he’s marked like a Dalmation) and another very wise, self-important cat named Uncle Cecil Adams. We got him right after I found the Straight Dope site. I perhaps got a little overzealous. :slight_smile:

Maybe the problem is that your friend inadvertantly named her cat after a Jackie Gleason character. Sigourney Weaver’s character was Ripley.

Oops, I see it’s a dog not a cat. This is a critter with a real identity problem.

Duh! Mental head slap…

Right you are. The poor critter was named Ripley.

Believe it or not, I knew that.

–>slinking off in disgrace…<–

I have a yellow lab named Sugar, but she isn’t so sweet…damn we should’ve held off on naming her!


“My hovercraft is full of eels.”

A fellow Shar-Pei fan!! Bet mines cuter! :wink:
Anyway, we have a black Shar-Pei named Yoda, and my previous shar-pei’s name was Sharpie. I also used to have a dog named “Arfie”, who I just loved. We also have a parrot with a big beak appropriately named “Ringo”…fits him well…

Run for the hills, folks! Or you’ll be up to your armpits in martians!

If you get a dog for your wife/husband name it “Great Reluctance”

That way when you dump her/him you can say “I’m leaving you with Great Reluctance.”

I called my old street cant “argot”.